Travel to Kenya

Travel to Kenya

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"One thing I wanted then: to go back to Africa. I hadn't left it yet, but every time I woke up, at night, I listened, pervaded by nostalgia" E. Hemingway

... Immense is the nostalgia for my great love: Kenya ... I waited a whole year for my return to a land that I now feel as if it were mine, a land that has given me so many emotions, has given birth to new friends, has made me rediscover the joy of how beautiful it is to give and receive a hug, a simple smile. Time has flown and now I'm here in front of the computer and with the memories of the moments I lived I try to tell you about my third journey with the hope of being able to convey to you that you will read my feelings and emotions.

"Home sweet home" is the feeling I get when from the window of the Neos aircraft I glimpse the landing strip of the Mombasa airport and the sensations will increase as I approach my beloved Watamu, where I know that there will be the my great rafiki sugar…and not only.

On the day of my arrival, with Raffaela who is my travel companion this year, we immediately make friends with Federica and Chiara.

The weather is cloudy and occasionally even a few droplets drop. We arrange the luggage with confidence and prepare the backpack since the next day we are already leaving for the safari that had already been set with Zucchero from Italy for August 15: Tsavo east and Amboseli. Play the drum, it is lunch time and we hungry do not hesitate to reach the restaurant, where I will find my favorite cook again: Nico.

During lunch we meet 4 guys who will cheer up our first week with their nice company. In the afternoon, I have Raffaela take a tour of the Aquarius to show her the structure and as we approach the beach, the famous beach boys can be glimpsed from afar, ready for the hunt for the new arrivals "mozzarella".

Towards evening I finally hug my Rafiki Zucchero who invites us to have a drink at the Spuntino and we make arrangements for the next day.

It is August 15, it is 5 am and outside the Aquarius we are waiting for the van. I am very excited, I will see the dear driver Ambrose again and after 3 safaris at Tsavo East this year something new for me too: Amboseli! I will finally be able to take pictures with my new camera: Lamarty, this is her first name. We recover Zucchero and the other two couples with whom we will spend 3 fantastic days between emotions and joy.

After the usual breakfast at Watamu Snack and having recovered the second van with other fellow adventurers, we set out on the road to reach the first stop of our safari, the Tsavo East park. Also this year Zucchero appoints me as his assistant and entrusts me with a van. Going back down the long road for the fourth time no longer affects me, I feel at home by now and the journey doesn't even seem so long and tortuous. Here we are, after the usual bathroom stop and photos of the crocodiles we walk towards the entrance of the park, which compared to the year before, they made some changes; -better- I think to myself, at least the photos will have something different !

sugar he calls us, all aboard and off we go, the hunt begins, which in the morning will be a bit disappointing. Maybe it's just my impression since for me it is the fourth safari at Tsavo and I ask Ambrose if the animals have gone away to celebrate August 15th in Tanzania !!!!!

Lunch time is approaching and we reach Voi Wildlife Lodge. As always we are warmly welcomed; we are offered a drink and to refresh ourselves we are given a wipe soaked in water and essences which is also useful for cleaning the red earth of the savannah. Also this year we will be staying in the buildings but open the bedroom door, here's the surprise: beautiful four-poster beds and a spectacular view of the savannah ... every year it gets better and better !!!!!

Then I thank Zucchero with a big hug, as always up to my expectations !!!! After having lunch and rest it is time to leave, the animals are waiting for us and in the afternoon we will be rewarded for the disappointment of the morning: a beautiful lioness lying on the red earth of the savannah is waiting for us. She looks like a Hollywood diva striding under the flashes of her countless fans. I try to take full advantage of the few notions learned in the course of photography and shoot repeatedly to capture his every slightest movement.

The safari begins to get interesting and so, enthusiastic and charged, we start looking for the other animals that we will meet along the dusty roads, enjoying even those wonderful landscapes that flow before my eyes that I try in vain to immortalize with a few shots from the window of the running minibus. We wait anxiously for the sunset, hoping that the clouds scattered in the sky do not completely obscure the sun that is gradually giving way to the moon, it is the end of another day, a beautiful day spent in the infinite spaces of the savannah where a great sense of peace and serenity breathes . Back at the lodge we prepare for dinner and then tired of the day we retire to our rooms, wake up at dawn tomorrow and leave for new adventures: Amboseli we arrive!

The alarm goes off at 5, I absolutely cannot miss the sunrise in the savannah, I get ready and go to the terrace of the lodge. The sun is rising and the sky is constantly changing colors: from blue-gray veiled in pink to pink veiled in red and suddenly before my eyes a red ball of fire: the sun, which with its warm colors wishes a good morning to us all. ! I was unable to photograph this wonderful scene, but I think that not even the best photographer would be able to convey the emotion you feel in front of such a show with his shots! "A dawn is a dawn" you will think, but no, the dawn and the sunset in the savannah have something magical !!!

After breakfast, back on board our van, we leave. We have 4 hours of travel ahead where there is only one stop before reaching the Amboseli park. I am thrilled and full of curiosity, the experience at Amboseli is new for me too. The journey does not weigh on me at all and despite the early rising I always stay awake because I do not want in any way to lose the scenery along the way: the children at the sight of the tourist buses give wonderful smiles while with their hand up in the sky they greet the fruit sellers , vegetables and poultry on the roadside, the villages that meet from time to time and those that are the beautiful African landscapes with the contrasting colors of the red earth and the green of the vegetation.

There is a lot of traffic, a great bustle of large and small vehicles is heading towards Nairobi, the capital, the destination of many for trade. Time has flown by and so taken by everything around me, I haven't even noticed that I have already taken the road that will lead us to the park; in fact, we are getting closer as we begin to make the first encounters with the animals even before reaching the official entrance. The landscape is different from Tsavo, much more arid and barren, but certainly much more populated.

We meet groups of elephants, zebras, impalas, gazelles, herds of runaway buffaloes and finally, before reaching the tented camp, a small group of monkeys including a bald puppy who keeps an eye on his mother. It is almost lunchtime, we arrive at Kibo Camp, immersed in the savannah, in the true sense of the word! We are welcomed here as well as at Voi Lodge: welcome cocktail and wipes, this time with the scent of Marseille soap !!!! I take care of the check-in of the group entrusted to me by Zucchero, since he has taken the others to visit the Villaggioomasai.

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