Seats for swings

Seats for swings

The play area dedicated to children

Swing seats are an important element of the swing itself because they allow the child to experience this moment of play in total safety. There are different types of swing, each made for a certain age group. Today the garden to be complete must always have a play area dedicated to children. However, these games must be appropriate for those who will use them, so if you have a rather small child at home, in order to be able to use a swing in total safety, they must use specific models for their age.

The interlocking seat for children

The seat made for infants is made up of a seat and a series of straps that keep the child still. Alternatively there is the interlocking seat. The seat with straps, usually made of plastic, is located on the smaller swings, to prevent the child from moving. The straps should always be tied in such a way that the child is comfortable and can swing safely without the risk of falling. These are important precautions that the parent must always check when deciding to buy the swing. Often to do a single shopping, you decide to buy models unsuitable for the age of the child, but in this case the child is exposed to a very high risk, because if he does not hold on to the ropes of the swing, he could get very hurt. .

How and when to use

The interlocking seat consists of a seat surrounded on each side by a sort of protective barrier. In this way the swing action does not cause any harm to the child. The interlocking seat is mainly used for swings made of iron or wood. Of course, it is always advisable that the swing be pushed by a parent in such a way as to check whether the child feels comfortable in this game or not. Among other things, it is also important to remember that the swings to be safe must necessarily be fixed to the ground. Only this, in fact, can make them actually stable, even when it comes to a swing in one place, where the rocking is very slow.

The free child seat

When the child is older, use swings where the seat is free. This means that it does not need to be secured with straps or wedged into a closed car seat. In this case, this is constituted only by an open seat both in front and behind, where the child sits and rests exclusively on the ropes of the swing itself. The child must be of an age that allows him to also understand the danger of leaving the chains he holds on to, when he rocks, something that a child of a few years is certainly not able to do. The push that the swing receives can also be so energetic as to make the child swing for a long time and he will have to continue to support himself otherwise he risks falling.

The parent's guide

It is also important that the parent teaches the child to use this game correctly. Many children, instead of sitting in the car seat, remain standing. The swing was created for the child to sit, and the fact of assuming such a position exposes him to many risks. The large swing can also be used without problems by adults but must always be fixed to the ground otherwise the weight unbalances the game and overturns. Usually adults can use the iron or wooden swing that are firmly fixed to the ground. Compared to the swing for children or adults, swings for children are distinguished from the seat, just as it is not possible that a swing designed and designed specifically for a twelve-month-old child is used by a child of very large age or that has a weight that the swing cannot support.

Weight-based seat structure

Weight is also another important and decisive element when using the swing, especially the plastic ones, because the structure of the seat is made only to support a certain effort and overloading it could give way. All these indications are shown on the packaging of the swing and are often also provided by the same retailer who, for greater safety of the game, always invites parents to supervise the child during use.

Seats for swings: Resistance and maintenance

The seat, always made with the same material as the swing, is equally resistant to atmospheric agents. After the winter, with a simple and quick cleaning, the game can be used immediately by children. In addition, each seat is designed only to support the weight of a single child, when you have two children you must always buy a swing with two seats so that both of them can use it together.

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