7 varieties of basil with unusual aromas of flowers, fruits or sweets

7 varieties of basil with unusual aromas of flowers, fruits or sweets

Basil is an aromatic condiment used in different cuisines. Many varieties of the plant have wonderful tastes and smells, with different shades and nuances. This is facilitated by the rich composition of essential oils of the culture, a different combination of which gives a variety of tastes and aromas.

Thai queen

This species is distinguished by large bushes up to 0.5 m high, with purple-scented inflorescences that bloom for 2 months. Their aroma combines the scents of anise, cinnamon and cloves. It is distinguished from all other types of basil by the greatest decorativeness. The Thai queen is not only grown in the beds, but also planted along the edge of curbs, paths, flower beds.

The plant is very thermophilic, it is preferable to plant it in sunny open places. The soil should be loose and fertile. Moderate watering is required, basil does not tolerate drying out of the soil.

Fragrant handsome

Low grade, up to 30-40 cm, with rich green foliage and a purple tint. It has an average ripening period. The advantage of the culture can be considered a quick regrowth after cutting, a pleasant aroma with nuances of cinnamon and clover.

The plant prefers moist, loose soil, timely watering and feeding. It is grown in different regions of the country, unpretentious.

The sweetish smell allows the use of greens in the preparation of pastries, sweets, sauces and salads.

Lemon flavor

A very popular variety with a pronounced lemon scent that has notes of lemon balm. It is often used for making drinks, baked goods, meat and fish dishes and sauces.

Bush height - up to 40 cm, one straight stem, large leaves with jagged edges. The plant is demanding on the composition of the soil, watering and lighting. Thanks to its citrus flavor, it can be used fresh, dried and canned.

Spring mood

A beautiful plant with bright green leaves and a pleasant clove scent. Low growth, 30-40 cm, allows you to grow it not only in the garden, but also in containers. The smell of cloves emitted by herbs is especially suitable for use in meat and fish dishes, marinades and sauces.

The culture is demanding on light, heat, moisture and soil composition. Under good conditions, yields increase. This can also be achieved by pinching the shoots so that they branch more. Valuable qualities of the variety: high yield, unpretentiousness, excellent taste, the ability to grow at home.

Vanilla aroma

The spicy vanilla scent of this variety makes it suitable for baked goods and drinks. The plant is compact, up to 30 cm, the leaves are green with a purple tint, the stem is straight, strong. It takes 50-60 days from planting to cutting the greens.

The crop grows best in well-drained, fertile soils. Due to its small size, it can also be grown at home. It is important to water and fertilize it on time.


The leaves of this variety emit a pleasant fruity-caramel smell, which makes it possible to use it not only in first and second courses, but also in desserts. The variety is mid-season, grown both in the greenhouse and in the beds.

The size of the bush is medium, spreading, the color of the leaves is dark green. From 1 sq. m you can collect 2.7-3.3 kg of greenery, so the crop can be considered a high-yielding crop.

Dark-haired woman

A mid-early basil variety with vibrant purple foliage and a pungent peppery flavor and aroma. It is used as a seasoning for meat and fish dishes, for making sauces, seasonings, salads.

The plant is quite tall, 50-60 cm, spreading, well leafy. Requires attention to itself, well-fertilized soil. Watering should be sufficient, and it also needs a lot of light and heat.

Basil is useful for digestion and immunity, improves appetite, tones, relieves fatigue and depression. The variety of aromatic varieties makes it possible to use the seasoning in cooking when preparing food and drinks.

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Growing basil

Hello dear guests of the site!

By popular demand from our readers, I want to tell you about the cultivation of basil.

Basil is an annual herb. Reaches a height of 30-50 centimeters. It has leaves of various colors, from dark blue, green, to brown-violet.

Basil is a very thermophilic plant, the seeds germinate at a temperature of +12 (+13) degrees, therefore, in the zone of the Middle zone and the Middle Volga region, it is better to use seedling method planting for an earlier harvest. For this dry basil seeds sown in a box in March, to a depth of 1 centimeter, the distance between the grooves is 5 - 7 centimeters. Seedlings usually appear on the 10-12th day. Seedlings should be watered moderately.

Basil can be sown in open ground in the middle of May. To do this, you need to prepare the bed in advance as follows:

For 1 square meter, it is necessary to add 3-5 kilograms of humus, compost or peat, as well as trace elements in the form of 3-4 tablespoons of wood ash. Planted basil seeds on a bed in grooves to a depth of 1-1.5 centimeters.

Care behind the beds with basil consists in watering, loosening, weeding and thinning the seedlings (do 2 times - the first in the phase of 2-3 leaves after 5 centimeters, the second - in the phase of 5-6 leaves at a distance of 10-12 centimeters.)

Leaves and shoots can be cut 2-3 times over the summer. The best and most aromatic dry seasoning is obtained from the leaves, which are cut at the beginning of flowering. At this time, they contain a lot of aromatic and other useful substances.

The most common varieties are Baku (leaves are purple-brown, with a scent of cloves and mint), Yerevan (the leaves are bluish, with the aroma of tea and allspice) and spoon-shaped (leaves are light green, with the aroma of bay leaves and cloves).

How to choose basil seeds by aroma

Thanks to the selection of new varieties, lovers of this spicy herb can choose exactly the variety they like to their taste.

Basil varieties with a pronounced lemon aroma: Lemon aroma, Lemon, Freshness, Limoncello, Bader. All of the listed varieties are green-leaved. And the Violet variety lives up to its name with the scent of fresh lemon.

Basil varieties with a peppery aroma: Aramis, green-leaved Kompatto, Marian and Ruby bouquet with anthocyanin-colored leaves, Rosy purple, Peppery aroma.

Basil varieties with clove aroma are presented in a large selection. This is Gourmet Clove, Marcus, Red Rubin, Robin Bobin. With green leaves - Valya, Spring mood, Clove scent, Robin Hood, Emerald, Sandwich leaf, Sanka. With purple leaves - Delight, Vitaminchik purple, Purple fireworks.

Basil varieties with clove-pepper aroma: Basilisk, Gnome, Sultan's Dreams, Dragon, Yerevan, Crimean (purple), Marquis, Gigolo (purple).

Aniseed basil varieties tend to have green leaves with and without anthocyanin. These are Anisovka, Ararat, Anise Gourmet, Anise delight.

Basil varieties with a mint aroma: green-leaved Velvet, Gourmet mint.

Basil variety with mint and pepper flavor - Greek, has green leaves.

The Vanilla Aroma variety exudes a distinct, rare vanilla aroma.

Muscat-peppery aroma in the variety Pomegranate Muscat with anthocyanin foliage.

A mixture of lemon and mint aroma in a green-leaved basil variety Lemon Miracle.

Caramel aroma in varieties with green leaves Pet, Caramel.

Malachite variety has a caramel and mint aroma.

Muscat aroma in the Raspberry Muscat variety.

The scent of cloves and camphor belongs to the Violet Shine variety.

A rare lilac aroma has the Pearl of the Moscow Region variety and a laurel aroma - Purple Stars. Both varieties have anthocyanin-stained leaves.

Variety Sharm (1993) has an original color and the most fragrant of many varieties. Retains its aroma even when dried for 2-3 years.

The history of the origin of the basilica

The birthplace of the basilica can be called South Asia. It was here that they first started talking about the use of a fragrant plant in cooking and appreciated the incredible taste of the plant. Later, the fragrant leaves moved to India and Greece, France and Italy, Mexico and Great Britain. This plant has been known for a very long time in European countries. In the countries of the former Soviet Union, this plant was also successfully grown and sold, but basil has gained particular popularity in our time.

The most beautiful: decorative varieties

1.'Green Super Globe', a compact shrub with a height of only 30 cm, it is an ideal candidate for growing in a balcony box or pot.

2. 'Pourpre Lucie' grows up to 40 cm in height. The dark red basil leaves of this variety will add a unique taste and color to any dish.

3. Have ‘Green Fortune’ leaves are bright green, in the height of summer pink-purple inflorescences-candles appear.

4. 'Harlekin’- a plant with dark green leaves with purple veins and a sweet-spicy aroma. Basil of this variety is resistant to fungal diseases.

5. ‘Pesto Perpetuo’ beautiful leaves with a white border. Does not bloom. It is easy to propagate with green cuttings.

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