The benefits and harms of hazelnuts for the human body

The benefits and harms of hazelnuts for the human body

Hazelnut, or hazelnut, is the fruit of a large hazel and is now widely used both as a separate food product and as ingredients or raw materials for the manufacture of other dishes and products.

Hazelnuts are fried, dried, oiled and eaten raw.

This product has a large number of substances useful to humans.strengthening the general condition of the body and stimulating the work of individual organs.

Calorie content of raw hazelnuts

The calorie content of any food product is determined by the energy absorbed by the body when it is eaten.

It is expressed in kilocalories and can be calculated depending on the quantitative ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the product.

So, for carbohydrates and proteins, it is 4 kcal / g, and for fats - 9 kcal / g. Accordingly, the more fat there is in a food product, the higher its energy value and the more calories it will give to the body.

The calorie content of hazelnuts is quite high - 628 kcal and in its energy value it is several times higher than bread, milk and is a more nutritious product than fish and meat.

Hazelnut composition per 100 grams product looks like this:

  • proteins - 14.94 grams;
  • fats - 60.75 grams;
  • carbohydrates - 16.7 grams.

The rest of the composition is made up of dietary fiber (9.7 grams), water (5.31 grams) and ash (2.29 grams).

Hazelnut composition

Hazelnuts are a food rich in vitamins, among which the following can be noted:

  • vitamin A (beta-carotene);
  • vitamin B1 (thiamine);
  • vitamin B2 (riboflavin);
  • vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid);
  • vitamin B6 (pyridoxine);
  • vitamin B9 (folic acid);
  • vitamin PP;
  • vitamins C, E, K, choline.

Among the micro- and macroelements contained in hazelnuts, the main value is the following: zinc, iron, fluorine, selenium, cobalt, manganese, copper, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, calcium and potassium.

Contains nuts and a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids: stearic, oleic and palmitic.

Hazelnuts also have a fairly large number of amino acids in their composition., called irreplaceable due to the fact that they cannot be produced by the body, but come to us only as part of food:

  • isoleucine, which helps produce hemoglobin in the blood;
  • leucine, which has a general strengthening effect on human immunity;
  • lysine, which has a positive effect on male potency, improves the condition of the skin, hair, bones, by promoting the absorption of calcium by the body;
  • tryptophan, which stimulates the production of the hormone of joy (serotonin);
  • methionine, which improves the functioning of the liver and digestive tract;
  • threonine, which promotes the process of collagen and elastin formation;
  • phenylalanine, which improves human memory.

Benefits and beneficial properties for the body of men, women and children

Mostly hazelnuts eaten raw or fried... It should be noted that in its raw form it will contain more nutrients, some of which are lost during heat treatment.

Moreover, the fried food will contain more calories.

Hazelnuts have the following beneficial properties for the body:

  • when consumed even in small quantities, it can satisfy the feeling of hunger;
  • helps to recover from illnesses and surgeries that have weakened the body;
  • prevents the occurrence of anemia and helps to fight it;
  • strengthens the muscles of the heart, the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, makes them more durable;
  • helps to fight varicose veins;
  • saturates the body with nutrients;
  • promotes recovery in thrombophlebitis;
  • strengthens the muscle tissue of the body, due to which hazelnuts are especially useful for people whose activities are associated with heavy physical exertion;
  • improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, promotes intestinal peristalsis, due to the presence of a large amount of fiber in its composition;
  • the presence of a rather rare substance paclitaxel in the composition of hazelnuts has pronounced antioxidant properties. This compound prevents the formation of cancerous tumors and is able to actively fight cell mutation;
  • positively affects the work of the brain, increasing its performance;
  • helps to get rid of existing toxins and toxins;
  • helps in the fight against such disorders of the nervous system as insomnia, anxiety or depression, periodic and persistent headaches, improves the functioning of the central nervous system;
  • helps to eliminate vitamin deficiency and is an effective means of preventing it;
  • is an effective antiparasitic and antihelminthic action;
  • ointment based on walnut oil is a good remedy for burns;
  • Separately isolated hazelnut substances are used in cosmetology to improve hair condition and combat skin problems.

Speaking about the benefits of hazelnuts, it should be noted separately its positive effect on the general health of children, expectant mothers and the development and formation of the fetus during pregnancy.

When hazelnuts are included in the daily diet of pregnant women, nuts help to regulate weight gain, which is a fairly relevant issue and moment during childbearing.

Hazelnut also helps to form the skeleton and bone tissue of the child, his nervous system. In addition, hazelnuts can often be used as vitamins, which are now increasingly being prescribed to expectant mothers.

After the baby is born eating hazelnuts for a nursing mother is also very beneficial - Hazel has the property of stimulating milk production during a woman's lactation period, in addition, the milk itself becomes more nutritious and contains more substances useful for the infant.

Hazelnuts are no less useful for men's health. - the component phytosterol contained in it significantly lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, which is an important property in the prevention of various diseases of the prostate.

Also a nut due to its composition promotes the production of a sufficient amount of male hormones, increases the duration of intercourse and improves the quality of sperm.

Hazelnuts against cancer:

Contraindications and possible harm

When eating hazelnuts, you should know that the optimal amount is 50 grams per day (already in a purified form).

In addition, it is worth treating their use with caution, or even excluding them from the diet, for people:

  • with individual intolerance or allergic reactions to its use;
  • contraindications are diseases of the pancreas, liver.

You should also know that excessive consumption of hazelnuts can be harmful - lead to a spasm of the vessels of the head and, as a result, to a headache.

Traditional medicine recipes

For children of primary and adult school age, and also for knowledge workers it will be useful to consume the following drink.

Fry 50-60 grams of nuts, grind in a mortar with a small amount of vanillin and combine with half a liter of hot milk.

Two tablespoons of honey are added, infused for 15-20 minutes and consumed two to three times a day.

With increased pressure you can apply the following infusion. A tablespoon of hazelnut scales is poured with a glass of milk brought to a boil, insisted for half an hour.

Then filter, add two tablespoons of honey and take half a glass a day in small portions.

Infusion used for fatigue, nervousness, with urolithiasis. The kernels are cut and soaked in water overnight, then ground in a mortar with vanilla, mixed with half a liter of hot milk with the addition of two tablespoons of honey.

Insist 15 minutes and take two to three times a day.

For facial skin, it will be useful to use the following mask. based on hazelnuts with apple. Half a glass of apple peel is crushed in a meat grinder, squeezed from the resulting mass through several layers of cheesecloth juice.

Two-thirds of a glass of hazelnuts is thoroughly ground and mixed with the squeezed apple mass, after which the resulting mask can be applied to the face.

Withstand it for 15-20 minutes, then wash off with cool water and wipe it with a face toner.

Hazelnut is a friend for the heart:

Thus, due to its composition hazelnuts are beneficial for human consumption both as a food product and as a remedy used for the treatment and prevention of a large number of diseases.

The health benefits of nuts have been associated with moderate intake and consideration of essential qualities. The chemical composition of nuts is characterized by a high content of fats and proteins. The level of fatty oil in each of the varieties exceeds the 50% limit per 100 g. Macadamia has the highest fat content: 73 g.

In terms of the presence of protein, the first place is occupied by peanuts, they count up to 27 g. Almonds contain 19 - 20 g of protein, hazelnuts and walnuts - 15 - 16 g.

Among the useful elements there are micro-, macronutrients and vitamins. Nuts tend to have a positive effect on digestive processes due to the fiber they contain. Dietary fiber is present in the range of 3 to 12 g, depending on the type.

Calorie content of raw hazelnuts

The calorie content of any food product is determined by the energy absorbed by the body when it is eaten.

It is expressed in kilocalories and can be calculated depending on the quantitative ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the product.

So, for carbohydrates and proteins, it is 4 kcal / g, and for fats - 9 kcal / g. Accordingly, the more fat there is in a food product, the higher its energy value and the more calories it will give to the body.

Hazelnut composition per 100 grams product looks like this:

  • proteins - 14.94 grams
  • fat - 60.75 grams
  • carbohydrates - 16.7 grams.

The rest of the composition is made up of dietary fiber (9.7 grams), water (5.31 grams) and ash (2.29 grams).

The calorie content of hazelnuts is 628 kcal per 100 grams, the nut is a more nutritious product than meat

How many nuts can you eat per day

Due to their high calorie content, on average from 500 - 600 kcal per 100 g, nuts saturate a person for a long time. This is a rather difficult product to digest, so it is recommended to soak them in water for 8-10 hours before use for better assimilation.

The optimal daily intake of nuts is 30 - 35 g (about 1 handful), this is used:

  • 15 - 20 pcs. peanuts,
  • 10 pieces. brazil nuts,
  • 20 pcs. walnuts
  • 4 chestnuts,
  • 2 tbsp pine nuts,
  • 10 pieces. cashews, 20 pcs.
  • almonds, 4 pcs. nutmeg
  • 60 pcs. pistachios,
  • 20 pcs. hazelnuts.

If possible, eat several types of nuts at one time.

Hazelnuts: benefits

The positive effects of eating hazelnuts are expressed:

  • fast satisfaction of hunger
  • restoring
  • increased hemoglobin
  • strengthening the capillary walls, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels
  • nutritious
  • improved blood composition
  • reducing the amount of cholesterol in the circulatory system
  • strengthening muscle tissue
  • cleansing the intestines from toxins and toxins
  • improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract
  • antioxidant
  • improving brain performance
  • normalization of the functioning of the nervous system
  • preventing headaches
  • antihelminthic, antiparasitic
  • reducing the risk of developing cancer.

The benefits of hazelnuts for women

Excessive loss of hair shafts, fragility of the nail plates, increased dryness of the dermis can be the result of external or internal factors. Only a doctor can establish a specific reason, but often advocates:

  • lack of B vitamins, zinc, calcium, magnesium in the diet
  • improper care.

The problem can be solved by enriching food with the help of biologically active additives, but for a positive result it is necessary to use exactly those substances in which the body is lacking. There is some evidence that artificial vitamins are not always fully absorbed.

Hazelnut in its chemical composition contains all the complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy look of hair, nails, skin and has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, which is a significant advantage over dietary supplements.

The benefits of hazelnuts for pregnant women, nursing mothers

Exposure during gestation:

  • regulation of body weight gain
  • formation of bones, skeleton, nervous system
  • preventing intestinal disorders (bloating)
  • relieving fatigue
  • increased efficiency
  • reducing the likelihood of developing varicose veins.

The introduction of new products into the diet of pregnant women should be carried out under the supervision of a local gynecologist, and abuse can result in an individual intolerance to hazelnuts in the baby and mother.

Beneficial effect on the body during lactation:

  • an increase in the amount of milk produced
  • improving the quality of breast milk.

Side effects when used during breastfeeding earlier than recommended periods:

  • intestinal colic in a baby
  • weight gain
  • bloating and other disorders.

With undoubted benefits, it should be introduced into the diet three to four months after childbirth. If the baby has reached the specified age, this should be done gradually, starting with one piece, and carefully observe the reaction of the child's body. The presence of any abnormal behavior or skin rashes may lead to rejection of the product.

The benefits of hazelnuts for men

Due to the high content of alpha-tocopherol acetate on the body of the stronger sex, hazelnut has the following types of effects:

  • regulation of the amount of hormones produced
  • improving sperm quality
  • longer intercourse
  • prevention of prostatitis.

The pronounced immunostimulating effect is relevant during periods of autumn-spring avitaminosis.

Useful species

Nuts are united by a similar vitamin and mineral composition, high energy value from 500 to 700 kilocalories per hundred grams of product, the presence of dietary fiber, proteins and fats. Vegetable fats are easily digestible, necessary to maintain youth (omega-3 acids), improve metabolism.

Regular consumption of 5-7 pieces of any nuts after physical exertion is included in the complex of measures to combat cellulite, helps to control weight gain. The high fiber content makes the product recommended for inclusion in diets, there is even a nutty diet.

The pronounced vaso-strengthening effect makes pistachio kernels useful for men's health, the calming effect helps to improve sleep.

Below are 16 nuts that have a positive effect on the human body. General contraindications:

  • pregnancy
  • children less than three years old
  • breastfeeding (first 4-6 months)
  • diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract, during periods of exacerbations
  • individual intolerance.

Kernels, which are classified as nuts, have a high tendency to cause allergic reactions in the form of:

  • itching
  • rashes
  • throat swelling
  • shortness of breath, etc.

When using healthy fruits for the first time, caution should be exercised; pregnant women should be introduced into the diet only after consulting a doctor.It is better for nursing mothers to refuse until the baby is at least 4 months old, since certain types of nuts can cause severe reactions in newborns. The body of children who are under three years old does not synthesize enzymes for digesting such food, possibly getting into the respiratory tract - 2 reasons not to give nuts to babies.

Walnut: benefits and harms

A distinctive feature of the nuclei is a positive effect on the brain, and, as a result, the prevention of early senile dementia in women, and an improvement in memory. The fruits are recognized as the most useful among this category of food.

It is enough to eat two halves a day: such an amount will give the body strength, relieve fatigue and prevent it from gaining excess weight. Contraindications include obesity and disturbances in the digestive system. You can use kernels, shells, partitions.

Pine nut: benefits and harms

Kernels contain 40 to 66% fat, which affects the calorie content and nutritional value. By consuming five of them daily, you can get rid of insomnia, because monounsaturated fatty acids are the basis of the human nervous system.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids slow down the aging process, and minerals prevent excessive loss of hair shafts, give the skin a healthy appearance, and help smooth out the tone. The nut is contraindicated in the presence of diseases associated with blood vessels (varicose veins, thrombophlebitis).

Almonds: benefits and harms

Due to their high content of vitamin E (164% of the daily value for every 100 grams), which has antioxidant properties, almonds are essential for male and female health.

There is evidence that the nut helps to normalize hormonal levels, increase libido. Biotin, present in the chemical composition, accelerates tissue regeneration, which is necessary for a healthy look:

  • hair
  • nail plates
  • dermis.

These effects relate to sweet almonds, bitter is used in industry, it is not advisable to use it in its pure form - it contains amygdalin. The nut is contraindicated in diseases associated with the thyroid gland and increased heart rate.

Cashews: benefits and harms

It is the least high-calorie of all nuts, but if there are traces of peanuts, allergy symptoms are possible, so you need to pay attention to the corresponding entry on the package.

Regular use helps to strengthen the tooth enamel, improve the functioning of the nervous system. The nut has a pronounced anticonvulsant effect, it is prohibited in the presence of osteoporosis.

Hazelnuts (hazel): benefits and harms

It belongs to the most useful fruits of this product category, contains a set of necessary elements that are necessary for the normal functioning of all body systems. Hazelnut contains alpha-tocopherol acetate, therefore it is necessary for male and female health, biotin promotes accelerated tissue regeneration, anti-inflammatory effect indicates the prevention of oral diseases. It is indicated for arterial hypertension. Consuming larger amounts than recommended can lead to vasospasm in the front of the head.

Hazelnuts and hazelnuts are nuts, the difference between which is that the second is a specially bred variety of the first, adapted to harsh climatic conditions. A wild variety is considered no less useful than a cultivated one.

Peanuts: benefits and harms

Peanuts, like almonds, contribute to the normalization of hormonal levels, therefore, it has a positive effect on the body of women over 50 years old. A pronounced antioxidant effect is also useful for men, because regular consumption of peanuts can improve potency. The fruits ripen on the ground, so should not be eaten raw. Heat treatment exposes some of the nutrients to destruction, but bacteria from the surface of raw kernels can cause food poisoning. It is contraindicated to use when:

  • gout
  • arthritis
  • arthrosis.

Pecans: benefits and harms

It is a related product of walnuts: the unique ratio of amino acids makes the kernels analogous to meat.

Pecan has a pronounced positive effect on the brain, the contained tocopherol is necessary to slow down the aging process and maintain youth.

Pecan oil has a special moisturizing effect and is recommended for the care of dry mature dermis. It is advisable to buy in-shell kernels, which should be partially cracked.

It is forbidden to use for chronic constipation. You should not eat more than five a day.

Pistachios: benefits and harms

There is evidence of the effectiveness of pistachios in combating problems associated with reduced potency.

Scientists have proven that daily consumption helps to restore strength due to the arginine contained in the chemical composition.

Improved vascular permeability is a guarantee of male strength and female health.

It is advisable to use it fresh, without frying and adding salt, pistachios are also an interesting addition to salads, desserts, baked goods. The pistachio + raspberry cake is popular.

Macadamia: benefits and harms

It has a second name in the network "nut with a key", has a high energy value, so it is worth eating chocolate in limited quantities.

The product contains sterols, which, when entering the body, compete with harmful human cholesterol, which leads to a decrease in its amount in the circulatory system.

Fats (omega-3) are the basis of the human nervous system, keep youth, slowing down the aging process. The product has a high content of dietary fiber, which removes toxins and toxins from the body - a valuable property for weight loss.

The high cost (the walnut has the highest cost in the world) is explained by the complexity of growing and cleaning, because the shell is close in strength to concrete.

Nutmeg: benefits and harms

When fruits ripen on a woody plant called Muscatnik, spices are prepared from them:

  • shell / masis
  • kernels / nutmeg.

The inner part obtained from the grains, specially treated against germination, is called nutmeg, which can be found commercially in the form of grains and powder. The seasoning is used as an additive to add a spicy note to the dishes. The product contains a narcotic substance that can cause the following side effects:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • hallucinations.

The negative impact is a consequence of the use of more than 1 kernel per day. If you eat no more than the specified amount per day, you can:

  • eliminate unpleasant odor from the oral cavity
  • relieve nervous tension
  • remove swelling and pain in the joint area
  • get rid of indigestion.

The chemical composition contains B vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy appearance of hair, nails, epidermis.

Brazil nuts: benefits and harms

It refers to nuts only conditionally, because the fruits are grains or seeds. It has an external resemblance to a coconut, it grows in Brazil and in the valley of the river called the Amazon. The taste is similar to the fruit of a cedar, the length of the kernels, which do not separate into two halves, is 5 to 6 centimeters.

Differs in a high content of phosphorus and magnesium, from where it has a strengthening effect on bone and muscle tissue, normalizing - the nervous, cardiovascular systems.

One hundred grams contains 27 daily norms of selenium, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and the reproductive system. Tocopherol removes free radicals from the body, strengthens men's and women's health. You should not eat more than three pieces per day - the indicated amount guarantees a positive effect without gaining excess weight.

Chestnut: benefits and harms

There are two varieties in the form:

  • horse
  • sweet.

The first one pleases us on the streets of the city with the beauty of flowering in spring and brown fruits, which are inedible, in autumn. The second one grows in warm European, Asian countries, the United States of America, is a delicacy product that can be found on supermarket shelves.

There are thirty types of usable variety, the composition is distinguished by the presence of sterols and essential oils. The first substances entering the body compete with harmful cholesterol, reducing its amount. The product is low-calorie - the nutritional value for one hundred grams is 131 kilocalories.

Can be eaten fried, baked, boiled. A medicinal decoction can be prepared from the fruits, which can be used to treat varicose veins, hemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis, chronic diarrhea, whooping cough, rheumatism, gynecological pathologies associated with impaired blood circulation in the pelvic region.

The use is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus and renal failure.

Coconut: benefits and harms

Before buying, you should pay attention to the appearance: the presence of cracks is an unambiguous reason for refusal. If the fruit of the coconut tree is shaken, a sound similar in properties to the plasma part of human blood should be heard from a fresh, usable one.

The chemical composition contains biotin, which accelerates cell regeneration, lauric acid has an antimicrobial effect. Coconut oil has unique properties, which can solve many problems with hair and skin. Contraindications are:

  • hyperthyroidism
  • diarrhea.

Manchurian nut: benefits and harms

It grows on the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory and the Amur, is a related plant in the chemical composition of the fruit to the walnut.

The fruit consists of eighty percent of the peel, which covers the nucleoli from external damage, which have healing properties for people.

It is worth noting that the shell contains iodine, so the tincture is an effective remedy for the treatment of diseases associated with impaired thyroid function. Positive Effects:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • anesthetic
  • antihelminthic.

Due to the thick layer of the shell, the process of peeling nuts is laborious and requires compliance with a number of parameters.

Black walnut

Grows in North America. Named black because of the rich brown shade of the roots of the plant, the second name is American.

Due to the high energy value - 618 kilocalories - control of the amount consumed is required. Has antimicrobial, antifungal, anticancer, cleansing, analgesic effect, eliminates heartburn attacks.

The chemical composition contains essential oils, tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids. The daily norm is a handful, a large portion can cause:

  • headache
  • swelling of the throat.

Contraindicated in the presence of thrombophlebitis, gastritis. Not recommended for use in the diet of dietary food systems.

Water nut: benefit, harm

It grows on lakes and swamps of China, India, the African tropics, warm European countries, the territory of Altai, Vladivostok.

Known to mankind since ancient times, it can be eaten fresh, baked, boiled. Contains flavonoids, tannins, phenolic substances, from where antimicrobial, sedative, choleretic, astringent, tonic, antispasmodic properties.

Regular use by women helps to normalize hormonal levels, improve the work of the female genitourinary system.

Use of a useful product

Due to the vitamin composition and useful properties, nuts and hazelnut oil can not only be eaten, but also used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases, as well as used in cosmetology and cooking. For example:

  • Take 50 grams of hazelnuts, grind them thoroughly and mix with warm milk or water. This mixture can be taken in the treatment of bronchitis and lung diseases.
  • Prepare 1 egg yolk and combine it with 30 grams of nut butter for a wonderful hair nourishment. You can detail such a mask 2 times a week after washing them, and after a while you will be able to boast of thick and shiny hair. And also a mixture of oil with yolk perfectly relieves inflammation and reduces pain in case of skin burns.
  • If you mix mashed hazelnuts with honey in equal proportions, you will get a tasty and healing remedy, which is recommended for rheumatism and anemia.

In order for delicious nuts to only benefit you, you need to buy them exclusively in the shell, since peeled kernels very quickly lose their nutritional and healing properties. And also before purchasing, be sure to consider hazelnuts, it must be fresh, without the presence of mold or dark spots. Remember that in no case should you abuse nuts, since even such a healthy product can harm your health if consumed frequently in large quantities.

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