Sowing calendar for 24.03 - gardeners and gardeners

Sowing calendar for 24.03 - gardeners and gardeners

March 2021

March 24, Wednesday, 11-12th lunar day. The waxing moon is in Leo


Plant and replant ornamental plants and shrubs, the fruits of which are not intended for food.

Sow and plant early ripening crops, especially green ones.

Transplant plants with a strong and healthy root system.

Plow, dig up and loosen the ground, thin out the seedlings, huddle the plants.

Linen flower beds and flower beds.

To process garden plants from overwintered pests and fungal infections, and indoor plants from aphids and spider mites.

Grass and pinch the shoots of plants.

Harvest and root cuttings.

Form the crowns of decorative large-sized ones by pruning.

Get vaccinated.


It is better to rest from sowing and planting under the infertile sign of Leo, but if you do not want to waste time, you can plant oat root, tarragon, fennel and valerian.

Planting of walnuts, cherries and plums can be successful.

Sow cornflowers, matthiola, calendula, and chrysanthemums.

At home, landing is possible:

  • gardenia jasmine;
  • bashful mimosa;
  • aphelandra golden.

Not recommended

Water and feed the plants.

Prune fruit trees.

Apply the budding method for vaccinations.


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The sowing calendar for 2021 was released by the "Zabaikalsky worker"

Zabaikalsky Rabochy has released an up-to-date Sowing Calendar for 2021. It was compiled by specialists from the Pages of Chita information and reference portal, taking into account the experience of truck farming and phenological terms of Transbaikalia.

The calendar will tell gardeners and gardeners favorable days for sowing and planting vegetables. Also in it, the reader will find tips on growing seedlings and interesting facts about familiar vegetables and fruits.

You can purchase the Sowing Calendar for 2021 at the editorial office of Zabaikalsky Rabochy at the address: Chita, st. Leningradskaya, 15, office number 104.

Discounts are provided for wholesale buyers. Phones for inquiries: 8 (3022) 32-03-14, 8 (3022) 35-20-49, 8 (3022) 35-91-29.

They face life imprisonment

It is planned to receive another 29 thousand doses this month.

The system of distribution of benefits for air travel was incomplete

Roof damaged by storm wind

Osipov and Sapozhnikov approached Chekunkov with a request to provide support

In 2020, access to cemeteries was closed due to a pandemic

Design projects are already being developed

He announced big plans for the development of a comfortable urban environment in the region

One point separated them from cities with an “unfavorable environment”

He announced that he was going to blow up one of the railway stations.

Also in the plans is the construction of a modern embankment

A vigilant schoolboy remembered a suspicious man

The governor compared the regional capital with St. Petersburg

For three months of 2021, preferential loans were issued to 71 families

As of April 2, about 58 thousand Transbaikal residents were vaccinated from COVID

He is accused of embezzlement of someone else's property

"Let's deal with each issue in detail"

A homemade antenna was made from them.

Construction began on March 16

The fight against illegal logging in the forests of Transbaikalia continues

She was given 1 year 6 months probation

This need arose due to the closure of the overpass

He was assigned 340 hours of compulsory work

The number of equity holders whose rights have been restored is growing

Also, 13 people were identified without a driver's license.

"Not a single person died from the vaccine."

We have common problems, we will share our experience

She raised the issue at a meeting of business ombudsmen of the Far Eastern Federal District

The main problem is the lack of funds for the development of design and estimate documentation

10 patients have already been cured with this method

Osipov promised to develop TikTok in the Trans-Baikal Territory

This should increase the availability of primary health care in the regions of the region.

The region needs federal assistance

He touched on microdistricts, SNT and summer health camps near the forest zone

Services provided, but not paid - Gurulev

According to investigators, the tragedy occurred due to the negligence of adults

The damage from his actions amounted to 1.4 million rubles

The man himself surrendered to the police

The fire was extinguished by 17 people and five pieces of equipment

Chita residents were urged not to make fires and not stand near advertising structures

After the mother's appeal to the "Voice of the Transbaikal", medical aviation was sent to Aksha

Federal budget subsidy increased by 1.2 million rubles

They said that he unexpectedly attacked them from behind the bushes.

In support of the bill, 38 votes were cast, “against” - 0

"I didn't want it to happen."

The current draft law provides for 13 million rubles

It is proposed to increase budget expenditures by 4 billion 314 million rubles

He admitted his guilt in court in part

Sites during the monitoring were revealed by the prosecutor's office of the Duldurginsky district

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Our wish for gardeners and gardeners

I really want the new year 2021 to be peaceful, prosperous, bring fulfillment of desires and give a rich harvest. Real gardeners and gardeners do not sit idle - they plan future beds, stock up on seeds, plant protection products, determine the varieties of fruit trees, shrubs, vegetables, look for and order the flowers and ornamental plants they like. After all, so many new products appear every year! The temptation is great, and the search for the ideal variety never stops.

First of all, we select bowls, pots and other containers for growing seedlings. We sterilize the purchased or our prepared soil in advance. The sowing season has begun!

Incidentally, some garden calendars skip the month of January. Say, the year of the gardener and gardener begins in February, and in January you can do nothing. But not with us! All gardeners are familiar with this painful impatience, when they so want to sow, cherish, and grow something as soon as possible. Well, if you are impatient, preparations for the new season can begin in January. Our calendar will help you!

Preparing carrot seeds before sowing

Gardeners know how difficult it is sometimes to get carrot shoots. The reason is that carrot seeds contain essential oils that prevent quick access of moisture to the embryo, slow down swelling and germination. Because of this, carrot seeds germinate slowly and uncommonly.

Consider popular ways preparation of carrot seeds before sowinghow to sow carrots correctly is an effective way.

Watch the video: Physician Turned Gardener Explains How Planting By the Moons Phase Can Produce Healthier Crops