Herbal remedies for migraine

Herbal remedies for migraine

Most often, paroxysmal headaches in one half of the head are associated with fluctuations in hormones in the female body. Therefore, women are more susceptible to this disease, and the name of this disease was known to everyone - migraine.

Her attack provokes overwork, stay in a stuffy room, long intervals in food intake, excitement and psycho-emotional overstrain. The headache is aggravated by noise, bright light. At the peak of the headache, vomiting is possible.

At the time of a headache attack, visual impairment or eye movement disorder, numbness in the limbs may be noted. At the time of a migraine attack, the level of serotonin in the blood rises sharply, which is associated with disturbances in the system of the external carotid artery. In some, migraine attacks can develop through an epileptic mechanism.

The attack is preceded by malaise, heaviness in the head, drowsiness. Migraines are triggered by fluctuations in estrogen levels - usually a drop - that occur twice a month due to ovulation. Often this endocrine phenomenon serves as a kind of triggering mechanism leading to an exacerbation. Usually the acute nature of pain is taken at the age of 30-40 years. On the eve of menopause, fluctuations in hormonal levels are especially intense, and with its onset migraine stops or occurs less often.

It is very important to change your regime: to avoid overwork, not to allow negative feelings into your soul, not to judge anyone by thought or word. Kindness and wisdom eliminate migraines. Migraine is a disease of both a muddy soul and a dirty body. After cleansing the body, the migraine disappears. Try to stick to a strict regimen. To do this, try to go to bed and get up at the same time, do not skip meals, walks at the same hours. Your brain needs stability.

The well-known expression of Hippocrates: "Your food must be medicine." With migraine, a number of foods can be a provocateur of an attack of the disease: chocolate, cheese, smoked meats, walnuts, spinach, citrus fruits, bananas, oranges, tomatoes, coffee, red wine, and in general, the reaction to various types of food can be unpredictable, strictly individual. It is helpful to keep a food diary to help you decide which foods to avoid.

Do not neglect moderate physical activity, it will prevent an attack. Exercise promotes the production of endorphins, a hormone that has a positive effect on mood and reduces stress. In this regard, walking, swimming, and aerobics can be helpful. You need to do it regularly for 30-40 minutes a day, five times a week. If a migraine attack has begun, then it is necessary to adhere to rest.

At the first sign of symptoms of an impending attack, urgent action must be taken. If the headache and the phenomena accompanying it have reached their climax, medications will not help.

What tools can you use?

Rub cinnamon powder in butter and grease your forehead and temples with this cream, after washing your face with hot water and soap to cleanse the pores.

Make a steam bath with a heated mixture of apple cider vinegar and water (1: 1). Take 75 breaths with your nose for a couple, no more. The pain usually stops or diminishes significantly.

With an attack, put your head on a sore spot on a mixture of laurel and eucalyptus leaves and lie down quietly for two hours.

If the headache starts, pour hot tea and put a teaspoon in it. Apply a heated spoon to the wing of the nose from the painful side.After the spoon has cooled, heat it up and reapply it, then place the hot teaspoon on the same side of the earlobe. If the pain has passed, then you can drink tea.

Purified turpentine helps with migraines, if you take it twice a day, 5-15 drops.

Migraine goes away if during meals (2-4 times a day) eat 1 teaspoon of honey and the same amount of apple cider vinegar (if the acidity of the stomach allows). If heartburn appears, then apple cider vinegar should not be taken, and it is also not recommended to do this for diseases of the liver, pancreas, spleen and kidneys.

Calendula has a reputation for being a staunch migraine fighter. Many experts have come to believe that ingestion of an infusion or tincture of calendula for two months helps prevent migraine attacks. To prepare the infusion, brew 1 teaspoon of calendula inflorescences with 1 glass of boiling water, insist for 1 hour and take 1 tablespoon 4 times a day before meals, take 25-30 drops per 1 tablespoon of water before meals.

Infusion of lemon balm or peppermint herb - 1 tbsp. l per glass of boiling water, insist 1 hour, take half a glass before meals 2-3 times a day.

Infusion of sweet clover - 1 tbsp. l. chopped dry herbs in a glass of cold water, leave for 4 hours, take 1/4 cup 3-4 times a day.

Decoction of rhizomes and valerian roots - 2 hours of dry crushed material, pour a glass of hot water, boil for 3-5 minutes. Take 1 tbsp. 3 times a day.

At the onset of a migraine attack, a head massage is helpful. Rub it with your fingertips, as if washing. Or, take a natural bristle brush or wooden comb and massage them into your head in slow, circular motions from temple to forehead towards the back of the head.

A. Baranov, Doctor of Biological Sciences,
T. Baranov, journalist

Bulletin "Healthy lifestyle" - "Healthy lifestyle", 1998, No. 12 (120)


I have been familiar with HLS for many years, even in the form of issues in Sovetsky Sport. Actually, I subscribed to the newspaper for the sake of these collections. Then the emphasis in them was made mainly on physical activity, and they served as a guide for me to action, according to the materials of the selections, I learned to ski, I mastered running, walking, swimming, cycling according to Cooper. Thus, I ran, walked, swam, rode a bicycle through all the hero cities of the Soviet Union - such an absentee competition was held at Sovetsky Sport in those years - 13,000 kilometers.

Currently I live in the beautiful village of Krasny Yasyl, where the Church of the Holy Intercession stands on a hill. This village is a hard worker, rich in craftsmen. I got here by accident. But how grateful to fate! I have been living here for 10 years and never cease to admire. I don't run. But I keep the charge of energy. Perhaps, thanks to a new profession - I have been carrying mail for the seventh year now. The terrain here, by the way, is very rugged.

What else am I doing? With the help of the head of the local administration, A. F. Rogozhnikova, I created a children's chess club and have been working there for the third year. In the spring I studied with a group of adults and schoolchildren - introduced them to rhythmic gymnastics, using a tape recording from the "Rhythm-2" disc, which I have been doing myself for several years.

I was convinced that only physical education without proper nutrition does not guarantee health. Guided by the ideas of Nadezhda Semenova, she completely changed her diet. For the seventh year I don’t have 0m of fat, I don’t drink fresh milk, I don’t fill my food with anything, I don’t eat yeast bread for the third year. We starve with my husband twice a month for 36 hours. Autumn, winter, spring we drink rosehip infusion, broth of oats, in spring we consume sprouted wheat in different types. All with honey. We also drink Urina for the seventh year, as a result, during this period, I have never used any medicine. If any ailments arose, then the body itself coped with them. Only in rare cases did I resort to the help of non-traditional means. By the way, during my work as a postman I have never been on sick leave.And I’m 67 years old.

In addition to mail, work is loaded to capacity. We have a garden, which I love madly. There are goats and chickens. Here is a son-in-law, a daughter, grandchildren, good neighbors, finally, beautiful nature around ...

And now about what I have long wanted to write about in "Healthy Lifestyle". In one of the numbers - I don't remember exactly which one - a recipe for yeast-free bread was published. I adopted it, but for a long time I could not get what I needed. No matter how I bake, everything is tough. Then I began to make a natural sourdough, take flour, dilute it with water and keep it in a warm place until it sour. On it I make a new dough: warm water, knock it down with my hand to a sponge-like consistency. I put it, where it is warmer, for 8-10 hours. Then I salt it, knead it thickly, as for hearth bread, roll it out with a flat cake 2-3 cm thick, put it on a baking sheet and cover it with a towel. I can stand it for another 3-4 hours. You can hold it longer - it won't stop. But over time, the dough will begin to fall off, so you need to keep an eye on it and not overexpose. Best of all, as it rises, so the oven. The leaven is the same every year. I kneaded the dough for the last time, dump it on the board, and leave 150-200 grams in a saucepan. And so every time. The bread is delicious and fluffy. I bake from flour. bogo local grinding. If there is none, I take 2nd grade flour, add bran. So, bon appetit!

P.S. I saw your messenger in the village at the post office in 1994. I noticed a familiar splash screen. I was delighted. She wrote it out immediately. She began to offer to others. By the way, I myself conduct a subscription, distributing pensions. And then off we go. Now in the village of Vestnik 40 families are being discharged. We are trying to create a club from subscribers.

Address: 617510. Perm region. Orda district, the village of Krasny Yasyl. Korsuyskaya Valentina Petrovna.

"Healthy lifestyle": We are very pleased to offer readers a letter from Valentina Petrovna. We have the answer to the sacramental question that is contained in many letters: "How to improve your health?", "Where to start?" Everything is both complicated and simple at the same time. Start with anything. Even from Porfiry Ivanov's "Baby", even from purification according to Semyonova, even from separate nutrition ... This will become that thread, pulling which, you will enter the path of a healthy lifestyle. And, of course, physical exercises are mandatory for this, the best of them for us Russians is walking. Valentina Petrovna has lived with her almost all her life. That is why I am healthy.

But this is only a preamble to the main thing, because a great idea - clubs of readers of the bulletin "healthy lifestyle". Such clubs are possible, but the right one should be created everywhere. Few subscribers? Turn postmen and employees of post offices into a healthy lifestyle thief - and there will be more of us in a short time.


I have been subscribing to the "HLS" newspaper since 1996. Like. Lots of helpful tips.

I offer my services. I can send medicinal plants by cash on delivery:

Marsh cinquefoil (roots + aerial part)

Elm-leaved meadowsweet (meadowsweet), grass

Burdock (relyashok) medicinal. (grass)

Fir needles (young shoots)

Order a letter "+ self-addressed envelope.

Payment: postage + services (from 10 to 20 rubles) for ban-deool.

Address: 456E06, Miass-6, Chelyabinsk region, st. Gottwald, 46 "apt. 67. Chernova Galina Ivanovna


I learned about sabelnik a year ago, when I started to subscribe to the "Healthy Lifestyle" bulletin. I took the herbalist and went to look for him in the swamps. Found it. Last summer I prepared a little for myself, And now I have found a plant in large quantities, I can send the newsletter to the readers. Moreover, in the bulletin number 8 there was a request from the HLS administration to help people. I will try to prepare a lot so that there is enough for everyone. My only request to the readers is not to send money in advance, but only when receiving the herb - as much as possible. Write, and who “lives close - come, prepare yourself, as much as you need.

Address: 612090, Kirov region, Orichevsky district, pos. Swifts, st. Yubileynaya, house 2a, apt. 8. Mshkovtseva Lyubov Nikolaevna.



She subscribed to the newspaper "Soviet Sport" for 25 years. I knew that "healthy lifestyle" would appear soon. but when? And it was only in April 1998 that I accidentally looked into the kiosk, I looked - "HLS", and there was not a ruble in my pocket. I rushed home. I developed it like at the Olympic Games. I read the address of the editorial office in the newspaper, went there to buy up the newspapers for the previous years, but, unfortunately, they got it only in 1997, and even then not all of them. Urgently signed up for the 2nd half of the year. In the meantime, the whole family is hunting for two newspapers that arrive at the kiosk. In June, despite the fact that we, as partisans, kept a close watch on the kiosk, someone was more fortunate and still intercepted the newspapers. There is no limit to disappointment. The only consolation is that the editorial office is nearby. Only 4 hours round trip. And for the Beloved - even to the ends of the world. I told others about the "healthy lifestyle", and asked to buy them old newspapers.

I am 62, but during this time I have not taken a single pill (not counting the flu), I have never even had a headache. So I want to tell you about how I manage to stay healthy.

Until the age of 30, she went in for sports - a master of sports in high jumping. Now I run for my health. Some say that there is no time to run around from work, they return late, they want to watch TV. Am I an alien and not of this world? I return from work at 18 o'clock. In winter, the street is dark, a blizzard sweeps. There is no way to go and run alone. Like everyone else - laziness, and scary. I thought for a long time - where is the exit? And I found him.

Before work - about 2 km. I leave the house - people are waiting for the bus. And I ran past the crowd, and I also set a goal - to come running to work before the bus arrives. When I succeed (the bus is late), I say with satisfaction: "And the hedgehog is already here." So we compete - me and the bus. And in severe frost I run in felt boots with a heavy bag, Sometimes I choose the snow deeper and, after running 5-10 m, I switch to walking. I catch my breath and run again.

At work, training continues. I do not walk along the long corridors of the school, but I run. True, running is strictly forbidden, and I repeatedly, flying out from around the corner, like a fast train, fell right into the arms of the director, for which I received a scolding. But I remain with my opinion - children should move during recess. 10 years of sitting at a desk, then at home, preparing lessons, and if there is also a music school and sedentary work - here are ready-made invalids for you.

Well, I'm going to the city as to training. Running between shops. There is nothing to say about the metro. This is a stadium with 100-meter tracks, and then on foot along the escalator. Try to walk just a few steps - you will feel the load,

I run to the store for bread. I also fly down the street with a trash can. That is, running everywhere, alternating with walking.

Many people sit for hours at the TV, and then think: where did the hemorrhoids or cholecystitis come from? And many years of going to doctors begins. Do not think that I

I watch TV less than others. Only I do not lie like a "living corpse" on a soft sofa, but lie on the floor. Lie down and move any part of your body. I like to raise my legs, reaching the floor behind my head, or the body, and lying back down, I make turns to the left and right. This is where the compression of both the spleen and the gallbladder occurs. You can do push-ups from the table, squat, pull the rubber, and so on.

I would like to say a few words about my grandmother. She is 93. Lives in Minsk alone. In her youth in the village she could dance for hours. In 93 years, there has not been a day when she did not clean the bed. Never goes to rest during the day. walks in the garden until dark. Instantly clean up the entire hut, prepare dinner. Loves to wash very much. Doing exercises - fast half-squats up to 20 times. Legs, like a girl's, no veins. But 50 years ago I got my feet wet. Now they are burning with fire - it stands as if on a stove. Many young people have the same disease, but doctors cannot help. Does anyone know the name of this disease?

My husband is 72 - athletic, fit. Performs exercises on uneven bars and a crossbar, throws a hammer.A brother (63 years old), his wife and sister are running. All healthy, slim.

And this despite the fact that my brother and I were in besieged Leningrad throughout the war. We only stayed because when the cars came to take the children out, my brother (in the future, the gold medalist of the Suvorov School, multiple winner of the city’s physics and mathematics Olympiads, candidate of sciences) made mathematical calculations with his five-year mind, and we hid with him so much that no one could find. After a long search, the cars drove away, taking all our belongings away. And only then, satisfied, we got out of the hiding place. The ring around Leningrad has closed. We survived only thanks to our mother, who donated blood throughout the war, For which we received some bread. Until the age of 14, I looked like a skeleton, which is why they sent me to play sports in order to "stick" meat to bones at least a little.

My chronometric indicators are the same as when I was 17 years old. The same figure. Weight 62 kg with height 168. Pulse 58. Blood pressure 110/70 (it was 120/60). She underwent an ultrasound scan. There are no cobblestones or sand.

That, in fact, is the secret of health, dear ones. And no recipes will help if we lie on the stove and gain weight.

For 20 years I have been collecting folk recipes. I have recipes for 650 diseases. I can find 120 herbs. Reading "healthy lifestyle", everyone wants to give an answer, but there is not enough time. Let's unite, zozhevtsy of the Moscow region and Moscow. We will create pharmaceutical gardens, we will exchange herbs. I know where the decop grows. I will give "live hair", if there are none of my own, I will drink Japanese rice. I bloom a handsome hemlock 1.5 m high. There are enough seeds for the whole of Moscow. Let's drink a soy cocktail and soy milk. I will help get rid of diabetes, however, with herbal preparations of companies, from osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, undiagnosed fatigue.

"Living corpses", get up - and forward with the song "And I walk, I walk across Moscow." Call 501-04-80.

Natalia MARTYNENKO. Address: 140090, Mosk. region, Malakhovka. Bykovskoe highway, 32, apt. 68. Martynenko Natalya Matveevna. Phone: 501-04-80.


Not a day goes by that the editorial mail does not contain letters from our readers with a request to send the Frolov TDI-01 device by cash on delivery.

“I heard about the device TDI-01 from a friend. She works out on the simulator. Her shortness of breath disappeared, it became easier to breathe. If possible, send it by cash on delivery ”.

Dalnogorsk, Primorsky Territory.

There are dozens and hundreds of similar letters. However, the TDI-01 simulator is sent to readers only upon receipt of money. By the way, several simulators returned, sent to the addresses. Big request: clearly and accurately indicate your addresses.

Well, it's not worth talking about the fact that the TDI-01 is an excellent device. “My husband - he is 72 years old - received a simulator,” writes Ekaterina Mikhailovna Arzamastseva from Kurgan (640008, 46, Constitution ave., Apt. 36). Now he sleeps more calmly, almost does not take medication for heart disease and hypertension. I would also like to buy your simulator. "

"HLS": It is very easy to get a trainer. Muscovites can do this at the address: “Moscow (metro“ Kitay-gorod ”, exit to Maroseyka), 13 Armenian per., Telephone for inquiries: 924-56-32.

For nonresidents. Send translations to the address: 101913, Moscow, B. Spasoglinischevsky per., 8, Frolov Vladimir Fedorovich. Be sure to indicate the name and initials of the recipient.

The simulator will not be sent by cash on delivery.



Today - another meeting with Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Valery Andreevich Ivanchenko. He answers mshi questions.

In the collection on traditional medicine and non-traditional methods of treatment (compiled by G. Z. Minejyan) there is a chapter on "living" and "dead" water. It says a lot about its use, but at the same time, there is a warning about the dangers of self-medication. I am interested in how medicine, research institutes relate to "living" water, how traditional healers speak about the benefits of its use.

623900, Sverdlovsk region, Turinsk, st. Lenin, 54, apt. 1. I. S. Palichev

ANSWER: How. "Living" and "dead" water is quite an effective remedy for fighting diseases.At present, a truly boom has been raised in the United States in the use of both types of water, inexpensive standardized devices have been released that allow you to obtain water with a strict concentration of either H + ions ("dead", acidic) or OH- ("live", alkaline).

Only "living" water is taken inside. It is a powerful biostimulant, promotes scarring of stomach ulcers, intestines, erosion of the cervix, is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids (microclysters), healing wounds and bone fractures.

There is nothing wonderful here. This water changes the acid-base balance to the alkaline side. It alkalizes the body and enhances tissue regeneration processes.

Alas, it also promotes the growth of microbes: candida fungi, staphylococci and viruses.

"Dead" water is the strongest bactericidal agent. The more acidic the body's environment, the less chance bacteria have to survive! And again, alas, so much the worse for healthy cells.

Nevertheless, "dead" water is widely used, including in self-medication. It gives a wonderful effect in rinsing the throat in case of sore throats, it is used for douching, erysipelas, during surgery, during dressings. As a matter of fact, with the appearance of "dead" water, in many cases, the need for antibiotics has disappeared. Now in RUSSIA a whole generation of standard devices has appeared, where you can get water with pre-programmed qualities. However, if you do not have such a device and prepare water, as they say, by eye, then it is better not to do this.


During the operation, an infection was brought into the prostate gland - Pseudomonas aeruginosa, from which I got pyelonephritis of the only kidney. Now I just can't get rid of her. Antibiotics do not work on this stick.

644121 Omsk, st. S. Stalsky, 3, apt. 50. Nosov Anatoly Ivanovich.

ANSWER. Try to take blue iodine, the recipe for which we have repeatedly published in the "healthy lifestyle". It's even better if you can take Iodinol. The Russian industry began to produce it again - ask the pharmacies. In addition, some juices can help. For example, a mixture: carrot juice - 5 parts, juice of woodlice or starwort herb - 3 parts, celery juice - 1 part, infusion of cinquefoil goose herb (1 tablespoon per glass of boiling water) and there you can add infusion of birch buds (1 tablespoon in a glass of boiling water).


I have been subscribing to the newsletter since July 1997. Health is especially to boast of muteness is sick. I have hypertensive type of cardiovascular dystonia. I went to the doctor. I spoke frankly about what I feel and experience. In response, she asked: "Do you work?" "No, retired," I replied, "What do you want at such and such an age!" - concluded the doctor.

Walking around the city, I thought: “What is this? Is 56 years old? But what about a 70-year-old? Don't go to doctors at all? " Since then, I don't go to them. Thanks to publications in the newspaper, she coped with pressure, ringing in her ears. As far as nutrition is concerned, I am a vegetarian from birth. I don't eat meat because I love animals. I made 15 Dimkov hats. It becomes light and light in my head. It is a pity that you have not specified what the treatment cycle consists of. If possible, please tell us in more detail how many hats to make, what kind of break, are there any side effects?

662990, Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory, P.O. Box 19. Gorbunova A.A.

ANSWER. It is probably worth recalling what Dimkov's hat is. This hat is made of fine natural fabric, filled with raw grated potatoes. The procedure is rather complicated. In each case, you need to grate the potatoes, pour 50 grams of raw milk, leave for 30 minutes, then squeeze well and apply an even layer on that very thin cap. It turns out something like a wig. It is put on the head, and a real hat made of sheepskin or some other natural wool is put on top.Dimkov applied this cap to almost all cancer and tumor patients. He argued that this cap drives away "dashing thoughts" and "clears the mind." However, this is probably not just a matter of psychology. I put on this hat, wore it for about an hour and felt just fine. From a modern standpoint, a hat according to Dimkov is an anti-stress agent that normalizes trophism, vegetation and the formation of hormones. The course consists of 10 caps. The procedure is carried out in a day or two. I cannot say, but I believe that if necessary, it is possible, with a break of one or two weeks, to conduct the second course in the same way. Then you can put on the cap twice a month. It is especially effective for vegetative-vascular dystonia, palpitations, stress, neuroses, and some forms of depression.

By the way, not so long ago I had a 6th center - tel .: 919-84-40 - a woman called and said that she had done 10 sessions of Dimkov's hats and felt just great. It makes sense to try the hat for everyone who has these diagnoses.

Probably, there is some sense in using it in case of oncological diseases.


In the newsletter, we wrote a lot about the destructive activity in the body of refined sugar and products with its presence. Today we offer our readers a chapter from the book by M. Diamond and D. Schnell "Fitonica: a way of life in the XXI century." In doing so, we allowed ourselves to make some reductions. By the way, in addition to rebuffing sugar, the book contains a lot of interesting and useful information for the Russian reader. So we advise you to read this book.

Man from nature is distinguished by a natural inclination to sweet, absorbing it with mother's milk, which also tastes sweet. For centuries, this need has been met by fruit and honey. Only two centuries ago, the situation did not change radically for the better. From that time on, refined sugar began to enter our diet.

You've probably guessed by now that refined sugar is what contributes to obesity. You know that very well! But you may not be aware of the fact that sweets, which additionally contain fats and proteins, make you even fatter.

We are referring to sugar produced from sugar cane and sugar beet, that is, refined white sugar, powdered sugar, molasses and cotton candy.

You, apparently, have already heard the tales that extra calories contribute to obesity, that is, you can eat as much as you like sweet, if this is not associated with a significant increase in the energy value of the diet. This myth is especially fond of retelling this myth by industrialists who produce foods with low fat content, for example, dairy products, which, among other things, contain synthetic substitutes instead of natural sugar. If you believe all these tales, then it is possible that you can be convinced that potassium cyanide also cannot harm you, provided the proper calorie intake is provided.


William Dufty's popular book Sugar Blues warns of the nature of the economic interests of sugar producers: “The sugar industry is secretly spending colossal amounts of money to convince the public that sugar is harmless 'fun'.

It has been proven, however, that 1) sugar is the main cause of tooth decay 2) sugar abuse inevitably leads to obesity 3) stopping sugar consumption reverses symptoms of diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Official medicine traditionally pays little attention to these issues. One of the examples is the widespread propaganda of fluoride as supposedly the surest remedy for caries. Everything is turned upside down! It turns out that in order to fight tooth decay, a potentially carcinogenic (cancer-causing) fluoride should be added to the water, instead of reducing the intake of refined sugar.

Dufty's reasoning is far from comforting: “During the 19th century, the prevalence of diabetes increased significantly. Unfortunately, no one has compared sugar consumption in the early years of the United States with the incidence of diabetes in the then population. In Denmark, similar work has been carried out, but doctors do not like to remember its results, denying the obvious link between sugar consumption and diabetes ... "Dafty pronounces a stern sentence:" As sugar consumption increases uncontrollably, mortality rates will also inevitably rise. "

Interestingly, the prevalence of diabetes has increased by half since 1983, and has tripled since 1958. Eleven million Americans had diabetes in 1983, up to 16 million today. This depressing statistic applies to the second type of diabetes, accounting for up to 95% of all cases that can be prevented with diet. This form of diabetes is closely related to obesity and often leads to blindness and premature death.

We tend to associate the increased incidence of diabetes with an increase in sugar consumption and the development of the food industry, which tends to add sugar instead of fat to low-fat foods. Nowadays, sugar is added to almost all products and ready-made meals, even where it can be perfectly done without it. Over the past five years, Americans, for example, have eaten as many sweets as in all previous years of the US existence - an average of 10 kg per person per year.

In some of their writings, the founders of the natural wellness system, Dr. Paul and Virginia Bragg, wrote about the results of research conducted by anthropologist Dr. Robert McCracken. He concluded that humans originally ate fruits, vegetables, and meat. Grains in their diet appeared about 10,000 years ago. The habit of eating refined sugar is relatively young, only a few centuries old. According to the scientist, ancient people were much healthier than you and me.

Dr. McCracken believed that the use of refined sugar was responsible for some forms of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, strokes, schizophrenia, alcoholism, and possibly some cancers. McCracken pointed out that representatives of tribes far from civilization, consuming a huge, even by modern standards, amount of animal fats, but unfamiliar with refined sugar, have a normal blood cholesterol content and are not susceptible to numerous diseases.


Modern man deserves to know the truth. In this case, he will have the opportunity to make an informed choice. Here's a quick script of what happens in your body when you eat sweets.

The most significant problem associated with consuming sweets is the rapid absorption of sugar, which literally "breaks" through the wall of the digestive tract without even being digested.

As a result of the massive influx of sugar into the blood, insulin is immediately produced to help transport sugar across the membrane into cells, where it is used as an energy source.

As you know, the pancreas is an organ largely responsible for the production of enzymes. For many people, this gland works under extreme stress, which leads to an increase in it. One

of the reasons for this, in addition to the need to produce a significant amount of enzymes (one and a half liters of digestive juices per day), consist of the need to deal with a large amount of sugar on a daily basis.


The hormone insulin produced by the pancreas, which is designed to metabolize refined sugar, ironically lowers blood sugar levels. This greatly complicates the work of the brain, which is extremely sensitive to the composition of the blood.The intensity of the biochemical processes taking place in the brain is evidenced by the fact that one fourth of the metabolism takes place in it. With a significant decrease in blood sugar concentration due to the production of large amounts of insulin, brain function is disrupted.

The brain controls the activity of the whole organism. When you eat sweets, your brain starts to suffer from a lack of energy. This serves as a fertile ground for the onset of irritability, insomnia and fatigue. Does this not remind you of the behavior of some of the students that school teachers constantly complain about? Doesn't this sound like unreasonable “outbursts of emotions” and irritability of your family members?

You may be wondering how sugar can cause you to feel tired, because energy must flow into your bloodstream. The answer is simple. Sugar increases the concentration of serotonin in the brain, while this substance promotes sleep. This is why, when we are “upset,” we tend to seek comfort in sweets. This is dictated by the desire to calm down and at least temporarily distract from their adversity.


The moment the insulin produced by the pancreas has finally cleared out the sugar from the blood, your body is "out of nothing" because sugar contains no nutrients. The cells “burned” it as a source of energy, but they never received nutrition. All vitamins and minerals, complex carbohydrates have been removed in the sugar refining process. Hence, as soon as the sugar leaves the bloodstream, you feel hungry. As a rule, the formed addiction leads to the consumption of more and more servings of sweets, sweets or cakes, again activating the mechanism of fat deposition.


And that's why. As soon as the pancreas receives a signal that a large amount of sugar has entered the bloodstream and begins to produce insulin, the following happens:

> insulin delivers sugar to be burned into cells

> what cannot be burned immediately turns into glycogen - this is the word for sugar reserves in muscles and liver

> the pancreas converts the remaining sugar into triglycerides, this is tantamount to a warning: "Fat will appear on the thighs and abdomen soon."

Please do not forget that ...

When you eat sweets, fat burning stops! 'Why? the massive1 insulin release is the body's attempt to prevent sugar poisoning. Excess sugar in the bloodstream is extremely harmful, as all diabetics know. This can lead to cell dehydration and a deadly coma. Insulin saves you! It helps burn sugar. But why burn sugar if you're trying to burn excess fat?

We believe we've covered in some detail why sugar is your enemy. And one moment:


Why? Refined sugar contains no dietary fiber, without which the movement of food through the digestive tract is very difficult. Since refined sugar is usually found in products that also do not contain dietary fiber, such as pies and pastries, this only exacerbates the situation.

You can see for yourself. Try to avoid refined sugar for three days and replace it with fruits and berries.

After such a three-day "sugar fasting", the excretory processes will undoubtedly improve. In addition, your mood will become more even, and your vitality will increase.

Let's continue the experiment. Eat plenty of sweets for dinner. What's the next morning? Not much! We mean removal efficiency ***



Today is our next meeting and the last one in the past six months. And I would like to sum up something like the results of our very difficult case.The person who is diagnosed with cancer perceives it as a death sentence. He has heard a lot about operations, about chemotherapy and radiation therapy. On the one hand, he does not believe in success, on the other hand, prices beat his pocket, and he eagerly absorbs information about non-traditional methods: kerosene, fraction, celandine, chaga, mercuric chloride, hemlock, a mixture of vodka and butter, you need to make a choice. Need to. And the man, seized by doubts and fear, calls us with only one purpose - to find out: will Shevchenko's method help?

How to answer? Say yes? And if it doesn't help? Although today in our collection there are generally positive letters, in some way they are reports of successes. But there is also other mail. Alas ... It is true that in this other mail there is something that makes you imbued with faith and Shevchenko's method. VA Mayorova sent a letter from Novgorod Veliky to "HLS". She tells the historian "of her sister, who had a tooth removed, resulting in metastatic upper jaw cancer. We will not retell this sad letter in its entirety, the poor woman underwent three operations, two chemotherapy, two courses of radiation. When it became clear that official medicine was not able to overcome the disease, they resorted to clay treatment and finally settled on the Shevchenko method. |

V. Mayorova writes: “My sister was in terrible pain. But when we began to take the mixture, they significantly weakened. During our illness, we never used a single drug, we did only painkillers, but in the last month we even excluded baralgin.

Until the last day, my sister served herself. Observing her, the local therapist said, "She showed us all a lesson in courage." The sister only repeated: "The Lord endured and ordered us."

Why am I telling this? Reading the messenger, some probably ask: “Aren't you deceiving? Does taking vodka with oil in some cases really help cure cancer? " I want to assure you - it helps. Although my sister is not alive, I affirm that the mixture of vodka and oil both helps and relieves suffering, and if we started taking it earlier, perhaps the outcome would have been different. So don't hesitate, people. "

And here is what our reader tells us, by coincidence, from the same Novgorod the Great (her address is in the editorial office):

“I have been a cancer patient since 1996. The mammary gland was removed. After the operation, she made every effort to survive. The messenger provided considerable assistance in this. I am currently working. I want to tell all patients: do not lose heart. This is the main condition! In our country, for example, in Novgorod the Great, the patients themselves have created a society of cancer patients. We met more than once. We met with doctors, representatives of the city administration. Now we dream of a psychotherapist - his help is very much needed, especially at first, when you find out a terrible diagnosis.

And this is what made me take up the letter. My friend, a cancer patient, was cured of cervical cancer by the Shevchenko method. The cure was confirmed by computed tomography. The mixture has been drinking (and continues to drink now) for a year and a half. Unfortunately, I cannot talk about her publicly, because I did not receive permission for this, but if someone wants to write to me, then I give the address: 173020, Novgorod the Great, p / o 20. On demand. For the bearer of the passport P-BL No. 740885 ".

One could continue in this spirit further. Many readers' letters contain a recollection of relatives and acquaintances who have been cured with the help of the method. That the recipe works is for sure. As well as exactly what does not work in all cases. Alas, we don't know why.

And here's what I want to say in conclusion. We are happy to receive bravura letters from cancer patients. But at the same time we are in fear. Be vigilant: cancer is a supercarious disease, and you cannot relax for a minute in the fight against it. Actually, the disease itself is the result of a lifestyle, and cancer, according to Nishi, is the last stage of the disintegration of the body, the stage of decay. Therefore, you in no way have the right to return to your old life, return to bad habits, indulge in excesses.Don't let yourself and us down.



I'll tell you the story of my husband. Four years ago, he contracted hepatitis B and since then has constantly complained of pain in the right hypochondrium. I will note that my husband is 46 years old. He did not smoke a single cigarette, did not drink alcohol. Every spring he was admitted to the hospital, kept for a month or a little more, and then discharged to work, while prescribing a diet: more sweet, nothing spicy, sour, bitter. Everything turned out differently this spring. After the tests, ultrasound and other examinations, he was swollen all over, and he was admitted to the hospital for examination. They pumped out the liquid - from the abdominal cavity, after which the husband's health began to deteriorate sharply. In the meantime, the doctor invited me to his place and gave me an exact diagnosis: grade IV abdominal cancer with metastases to the lung and liver. Even the heart was hurt. At the same time, he additionally said: “Take him out of the hospital urgently. He won't live more than two weeks. "

We are simple people, we have many friends. I asked everyone to pray for my husband's health, brought home the priest, who confessed him and gave the Holy Communion. I was given a lot of addresses of psychics, sorcerers, magicians, but I do not believe them. Once I was going to work and met a friend. She probably read the grief in my eyes - I am 45 years old, and I turned gray in a week - and, after asking about everything, gave me a healthy lifestyle newsletter, in which I found a recipe for cancer treatment with a mixture of water-Ui with unrefined sunflower oil.

The husband no longer spoke, did not eat, did not drink, did not go to the toilet. Having started treatment with a mixture of vodka and oil, he had hope for recovery. But in the first month of taking the mixture, it was so hard for him that I thought he could not stand it: he vomited violently, some clots, bile, greens flew out of him.

He lost weight: he was size 52, became 40.

But now everything is over. He began to get better, he had a good appetite. Sleeps at night. They gave up drugs as soon as she brought him from the hospital. He had already gone to the clinic himself. At the same time, he cannot hear about disability, he is afraid of this word.

The second course of treatment was started. But there was an interrogation: what break should you take after the first full course? The bulletin says:

“Then the course of treatment should be repeated in the same way, as long as necessary until complete recovery,” but after how many days it is not written. Or doesn't it matter anymore?

Thank you so much again. God bless you.

Address: 644050, Omsk, st. 2nd Poselkovaya, 10,

sq. 26. Goncharova Maria Dmitrievna.

"Healthy lifestyle": We sincerely wish the husband of Maria Dmitrievna recovery. As for the schedule for taking the mixture, then you need to take vodka with oil according to the following scheme: drink the mixture for 10 days, then take a break for 5 days, drink the mixture again for 10 days and break for 5 days, drink the mixture for 10 days - two weeks off, and then repeat scheme:

10 days + 5 days, 10 days + 5 days, 10 days + two weeks. And so on, until a complete cure, which can only be established with the help of analyzes, ultrasound indications, computed tomography and other studies.



In April, I wrote you a letter with a request to send Shevchenko's training manual. Since then I have been waiting, hoping. Suddenly, on the eve of June 12, my husband brought a huge package from the mailbox. I guessed right away: this is from you. it turned out - a gift for my 60th birthday - June 25th.

However, the celebration is now canceled for a known reason. I do not spread about my illness, in addition, I maintain a diet and refusal from many products, and not until the celebration yet. God willing to be cured - this will be a celebration. In the meantime, treatment. I wrote to you that I got sick back in 1997, but the doctor did not find anything suspicious. In January of this year, the diagnosis was grade II right breast cancer. Refused surgery and radiation. Since February I have been drinking a mixture of sunflower oil and vodka. There are some shifts, but I'm afraid to brag ...

Condition for today. I work a lot (work, chores. In the garden, around the house), energetic, I sleep 5-6 hours. We also have to carry heavy things (buckets of water in the garden). Summer is a difficult period. Warm, sunny days have come, and sometimes you overheat. Then I turn on the water and cool down from the hose. If you overheat on the bus or somewhere on the way - at home rather under a cool shower. In January, the weight is 51 kg 500 g (height 153 cm), in April - 47 kg 50 g, in early June - 42 kg 200 g.

I seem to be feeling better, but the weight is losing. Maybe I move a lot?

I try to stick to a separate diet. I use a little bread. I try to buy Borodinsky and dry it. Dairy, sweet, fats were completely excluded from the diet. Thank you very much Nikolai Viktorovich and you for the training manual. It has answers to many questions. So, regarding vitamin "C". True, I tried to consume more cranberries, lemons, in addition, my daughter bought vitamin C without sugar. But, after reading the training manual, I decided not to get too carried away with vitamin "C".

And one more thing: during the treatment with the mixture, the headaches due to migraines almost disappeared. They tortured me for a long time. Didn't go through even after taking the pills.

The method of treatment with a mixture of N.V. Shevchenko is simple, but it requires patience, attitude, changes not only in the diet, but also in life habits and principles in general. It turns out to be not so easy. Apparently, people who are strong in spirit are cured with faith in themselves and in treatment. But, of course, there is a result. The method and "healthy lifestyle" instill hope in our souls, which often helps to withstand the difficult struggle with an insidious disease.

"Healthy lifestyle": Dear Nadezhda Semyonovna, it is clear that the garden and vegetable garden need worries. But don't forget: you need strength first to fight cancer. Don't waste them too lavishly. Ultimately, wellness can be deceiving.



I have been undergoing treatment according to your method since July 31, 1997. I take the mixture as prescribed, 30 + 30. I have a tumor in my right breast. I strictly follow all treatment recommendations. As a result, on 05/22/98, half of the tumor resolved.

Nevertheless, the local gynecologist still sends me to oncology, to Arkhangelsk, where they promised me "treatment" back in July last year - to cut off my breasts, remove the ovaries, irradiate and give me disability.

I feel good. Nothing worries. I do shaping, badminton, ski-Mi in winter and jogging.

I try to stick to the diet indicated in the instructions. The only thing I cannot deny myself is taking vitamin C (large tablets, 10 packs per week). The doctor cannot advise me anything. Only rounds the eyes. In the meantime, I have accumulated several questions:

- whether to continue taking the medicine in the same doses?

- Should you still refrain from lactic acid foods?

- can it be used in the treatment of hemlock (information about the treatment 'with hemlock is printed in>

Mirny, Arkhangelsk region.

"HLS": Regarding Tatyana's Questions, we consulted with Shevchenko. Here is his opinion:

- the dose is the same for milestones - 30 + 30 and does not change under any circumstances

- dairy and lactic acid foods should still be avoided

- hemlock - its therapeutic anticancer drug. As such, it is well known and in some cases gives positive results. However, it is by no means possible to combine the reception of hemlock tincture and a mixture of vodka and oil. A person must choose one thing.



Dear Nikolai Viktorovich! This is the second letter to you. In the first one, I asked to send recommendations on cancer treatment by your method. From "HLS" they sent me a photocopy. Many thanks. I would like to inform you that there have been changes in the course of treatment.

Let me remind you: on January 7, 1997, my husband underwent an emergency operation - his left kidney was removed. Diagnosis: clear cell carcinoma with metastases in the lungs and liver.

Treatment according to your method began on April 11, 1997. Prior to that, my husband underwent three courses of chemotherapy, until the ultrasound revealed metastases in the liver. After that, he was discharged from the hospital, given the first group of disabilities, and I was told that he had cancer of the IV degree, and this is a sentence. However, the second year has passed since my husband underwent surgery. He is now completing the 7th course of treatment. During the breaks he takes Chizhevsky's chandelier. Quit immediately, although it was not easy, smoking and drinking. The mixture is taken strictly according to the method, tries to adhere to the recommendations in nutrition.

My husband is 51 years old. During the treatment, he gained 10 kg. She regularly undergoes tests and examinations. The latter was carried out in December 1997 - the lungs - on a tomograph, the liver - on an ultrasound. In the liver, there is still an area of ​​increased echo density, although it has slightly decreased. But when my husband brought the result of the tomogram, I cried with joy. The doctor looked at him for a long time in all projections. I took pictures and said with surprise: "I didn't find anything with you." I asked how my husband was treated. He told. The doctor asked me to bring him a treatment guide. We rendered it and handed it over to him.

Now my husband, in addition to taking oil and vodka, does exercises, pours himself with cold water, helps me around the house, works in the garage, drives our old Zhiguli and walks the dog. There is one "but". In the first half of the day, he is full of strength, energy, and somewhere after 15-16 hours, fatigue, weakness, body aches, pain in the place where the kidney was cut out comes. However, our biggest problem: he is tormented by a terrible itching of the head, face and neck. Something like a rash appears. The husband is combing all this, becomes irritable, does not sleep well.

Nikolay Viktorovich, maybe you could advise us something?

Shevchenko's comment: Most likely the itching in question is a sign of allergy. Try to drink "activated charcoal" in the intervals of 5 - 7 tablets before going to bed every day or "polyphepan", as it is written on the package, and also only during the break. It would be nice to consult with a general practitioner.



In the 11th (119th) issue of the bulletin, we began publishing the material sent to us from Sochi by the healer Gennady Garbuzov, about imagination, or, more simply, the treatment of imagination. This is not nonsense. This is very serious. Today - a continuation concerning the so-called "inner smile". If you want to master the method, read the material several times. At first, just mechanically, like "Our Father." Understanding will surely come, and with it the great benefit of the lessons. And one more thing: Garbuzov speaks mainly about oncological diseases. But the range of influence of imaging can be much wider. This applies not only to painful conditions, but also to issues of rejuvenation of the body, perception of the surrounding world and the search for one's place in it. In short, go for it. And yet, already a request. If you talked with Garbuzov., Share your impressions with us. We would like to know more about our authors than to judge by the submitted articles.

One of the strongest methods of imaging is the "inner smile". It is no secret that the root cause of a number of diseases lies in psychology, in stresses, which in some cases form a pathological information field, or, more simply, a loop. It can go into a chronic closed phase, putting the body into a mode of constant stress and excess hormone release. The result is overexcitation and depletion of a number of systems. Such a situation can exist for many years before it passes from the functional stage to the structural one, manifesting itself in certain especially dangerous diseases.

Most people, for example, do not consider bad moods and negative emotions to be the forerunners of illness. Yet this is exactly the case. Spending their lives in irritation, anger, cruelty, depression, fear, anxiety, people do not immediately, of course, but make money.The well-known representative of American naturopathy Mantak Chia developed the idea of ​​using an inner smile for their treatment most fully in the book "Transformation of Stress into Life Energy".

An inner smile is a sincere smile to your body, including all organs, glands and muscles, as well as the nervous system. It produces high quality energy that can heal and over time is transformed into even higher quality creative energy.

A sincere smile sends out the energy of love, which has powerful healing powers. Cases of getting rid of cancer thanks to this technique alone are described.

An inner smile is most effective for neutralizing stress. It is closely associated with the thymus and increases the activity of this gland.

Check yourself: could you laugh and smile so excitedly, sparklingly, with all your heart / cheerful, shining like the sun, as children do? Not? So you are in the grip of stress!

The practice of an inner smile, that is, the direction of its energy not outward, but inward, begins with the eyes. They are connected to the autonomic nervous system, which regulates the function of organs and glands. When you smile at your organs, sensations, glands, you establish a close connection with them and are able to control their condition.

The inner smile technique helps transform negative energies and emotions into a beneficial life-giving force. The energy that previously went to your evil, as well as the negative information that has settled and accumulated in you, will now be able to show their positive effect and flow not in a closed circle, but in a natural, normal channel, recharging, and not discharging your life force ... This increases your vitality.

To practice the inner smile, you need to create certain conveniences. Breathe slowly. Close eyes. The mind must concentrate on directing energy to the right places. Relax your forehead. Imagine that you have met something that you love more than anything else, something beautiful. Feel the smiling energy in your eyes. Then allow this energy (imaginary) to move to the point between the eyebrows or to the cervical spine through the brain. Allow it to flow down to the nose, cheeks, and back down the spine. It is desirable that you can touch it: in the form of relaxation of the skin and muscles of the face, opening of blood vessels, warmth.

Smile at the thyroid gland, imagine that it has risen from wilting, blossomed. The energy of a smile flows down to the thymus - the fire of love and tenderness is reborn in it. Blooming health depends on his condition. Smile at him, feel that he has become soft and moist, that he has increased, looks like a bud and blossoms.

Thus, promote the smiling energy of joy to the heart, liver. If you see, feel irritation in your organs, smile, send him away and put joy, love,

Then go to the kidneys, other organs, especially those where the pathology is concentrated. Pay attention to the spine. It is he who, in many cases, is guilty of our diseases due to the deterioration in the conductivity of electrical signals and blood flow through the arteries, which together determines the appearance of "plugs" in it, which must be removed.

Imagine your inner smile as a magic light. By sending a smile to the spine, back pain can be relieved or prevented. Over time, you will have the experience of smiling to all organs at once. One can imagine that the energy descends like a waterfall - a waterfall of smiles, joy and love. (Feel that you love and appreciate your body. How wonderful! Gradually, negative energy is transformed into a positive force of life energy.

So smile to yourself and the world as often as possible.

If you feel pain and discomfort in any part of the body, in any of the organs, smile at them, hold the smile in them a little longer, talk to them, get an answer from them.Do this until you feel that they are softer, more open, or that their color has changed from dark to light.

Smile at your feelings. The patient should be able to analyze them, especially in the morning. If you feel that these sensations do not correspond to the desired ones, which provide the body with the highest feelings of joy and happiness, then try to imagine, imagine those sensations that you would like to have. Take a break from the real ones, transfer the energy of enthusiasm, joy, smile to the presented sensations, try to enhance them.

This, it would seem, a play of imagination works really, tangibly. There is a real readjustment in the body. If there is pain in a swollen mammary gland or other organ, it subsides, becomes oppressive, some kind of remote, gone from the fore. If there is weakness, weakness, then from somewhere, reserve forces emerge, tone rises, headache is muted, a more optimistic mood appears, and efficiency increases. And most importantly, really really pathological processes in diseased organs are declining or reversed. There is a metamorphosis, rebirth, and the driving force, the key that triggers all these mechanisms, is the emotion of joy ...

Even just the ability to imagine, to imagine oneself in a good mood and well-being is also an imagination — sensual programming of oneself. Even more so, it concerns faith, optimism, the desire for healing.

In "HLS" it is no coincidence that a lot is said 6 positive in thinking and negative ,. Our life today turns May to a greater extent towards the last one. The usual expression of negativity is depression, a feeling of inferiority, tension in relations with other people and with the world around us, melancholy, passivity, latent Fear, pessimism, loss of meaning in life, long-term experiences, bad mood, grief, apathy, lack of cheerfulness and much more. ... Doctors have long noted that patients with this well-established psychological attitude are many times more likely to get cancer.

First of all, learn to disconnect yourself from negativity in general and from negative anticipation of the consequences of your illness in particular. Otherwise, the situation begins to worry you excessively. Fears, torments, a feeling of helplessness appear. As a result, negative emotions and negative imagination arise, that is, consciously, mentally, we intensify our illness. Believe me, faith in healing is the surest tool here.

Before imagining, one must be able to achieve complete relaxation, tranquility (relaxation). There are many techniques for this, including autogenous training. Only after reaching the necessary state, turn to memory, reproduce those moments of your life when you felt absolutely healthy, happy. Choose one of them and try to bring it to life in your imaginations as vividly as possible. Let the feeling of absolute well-being flow through your body, directing it to the affected areas of the body. Imagine how all bodily ailments disappear under the influence of powerful forces filled with healing bodily well-being. Enjoy this feeling and absolute health. Imagine your future, active and active, thanks to “your healthy body, mentally reproduce how a cancerous tumor is destroyed / under the influence of healthy forces, yielding to their attack. Help mentally these good healing powers. Believe in them and your capabilities.

Cultivate a powerful sense of joy and happiness in your imagination class. How can this be done? I would not like to insist on any rules. Practice shows that the rigid methodological framework prescribed to the patient excludes the freedom of a creative approach. Namely, this is necessary. You need complete improvisation and independence. And do not doubt a positive result.Scientists have proven that feelings of joy and happiness are always associated with the release of neurohormones - endorphin peptides - by brain cells. It is endorphins that have healing properties. Under their influence, the atrophied thymus gland, the thymus, suppressed by stress, begins to revive, "flourish". Her broken function of antitumor immunity begins to recover.

Imagination should be done not only at a strictly defined time, but also almost constantly analyze your mental state, mood. It is especially good to do this early in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Take a look at your state of mind with an inner glance, penetrate into its essence, roots, deep root causes. This will help you to know the truth about yourself, about your deep primary emotions, which may have already become your stereotypes. You take them as the norm, but in reality it is a perverse, pathological, age-related attitude towards the world. Dig up yourself, your soul, in order to change.

It is necessary to train your imaginative power in this way every day, develop it persistently and persistently, until you feel that it is a powerful weapon to fight the disease. It is then that you will feel how all pathological rings break and your condition really changes, and the disease weakens. At this moment, you need to concentrate all the willpower in order to finish it off and feel health in yourself. Oddly enough, but many whom I have seen, not only conquered ailments, but also felt younger, really rejuvenated.

So, make yourself a program of actions for mastering imagination.

- Usually .1 - 2 weeks are spent in search of their method and its approbation.

- By the sixth week, the technique has been found and mastered. You should work on it regularly 3 times a day, at least 15 - 30 minutes per lesson for many months.

- Subsequently, when there is an improvement or recovery, do not stop practicing imagination. Opportunities for improvement are here

limitless. In the future, the experience of imagination expands and becomes necessary for mastering meditation and achieving other higher possibilities of human consciousness.

Symptoms that the imaging has been carried out correctly: you feel as if some “stone has fallen from your soul”, you have become calmer, more confident, breathe easier, there is no nervousness or fear. If there was pain, now it is somewhere on the sidelines, in the background, and sometimes it has completely disappeared. You become less tired, lethargy disappeared, there is no inner tension, anxiety. All this suggests that the treatment process has moved from the psychological plan of positive modeling to the physiological one. That is, the images, sensations, joyful emotions, feelings of happiness presented by you, the organism through the analyzer systems accepts as real and accordingly rebuilds all its responses to them.

First of all, the stagnant reaction of chronic internal distress is relieved. The pituitary gland calms down (it always hyper-functions in cancer patients). The adrenal glands calm down and return to normal. Before imagination, they released cortisol usually 2-3, and sometimes tens of times more than the norm. Often from the first session of imagination (less often from the 2nd or 3rd session), the level of cortisol quickly returns to normal or approaches it. It is in this connection that patients feel the same stone that has fallen from their souls. In addition, blood cholesterol levels quickly return to normal, the level of which in cancer patients is usually many times higher than the norm. In women, the levels of estrogen in the blood tend to normal, in men - testosterone.

The state of pre-diabetes and diabetes disappears, that is, the sugar level decreases.

Finally, the relief of distress helps to restore, normalize suppressed immunity.

By the way, those who know how to imagine easily master the technique of meditation, which in itself is also a powerful anti-cancer tool.There is purely scientific literature describing the successful therapeutic effects of meditation on cancers such as breast, lung, tongue, or bone cancers. The anti-cancer effect of meditation is explained by the fact that a state of deep physiological rest mobilizes its own healing capabilities, strengthens the immune system, and has a general harmonizing effect on the hormonal system of the body. On the psychological level, the meditation state is associated with overcoming fear, stress, feelings of hopelessness and pessimism and, on the contrary, the return of poise, composure, and confidence. Most cancer patients only then find a way out of the impasse caused by the constant repetition of stressful situations, life pressure, exhausting, draining the vitality of waiting for the end when they learn to meditate. She supports the sick on this difficult path, helping to fully reveal the personality. A new way of thinking and the resulting positive feelings stimulate the body's processes that cause biochemical anticancer changes.

However, this is a somewhat different topic. In the meantime, returning to imagination, let me remind you: psychic energy

- this is a great primordial force, for which there are no obstacles and all the so-called miracles are available.

Finish daily with a 15-minute contrast shower, changing cool and warm water every 15 seconds. Gradually bring the temperature of cool and warm water to cold (14-18 ° C_ and hot (40-50 ° C). In this case, mentally imagine yourself healed. If you do not have a shower, use any other means for contrasting douches. Procedure always it is necessary to finish with cold water.It is desirable to alternate warm and cold showers up to 11 cycles per reception.

If you decide to turn to imagination, write detailed reports on all results and changes so that you can adjust them if necessary. Share with us your achievements, innovative ideas and experiences.

Gennady GARBUZOV, healer.

Address: 354002, Sochi, PO Box 159. Garbuzov Gennady Alekseevich.


Potato color - God's gift


I am already a pensioner. But since her youth she was interested in medicinal herbs. I read in people's letters that many suffer from polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, stomach ulcers. Potato color helps from all these ailments - and this is just a gift from God. At least, I judge for myself: I am being treated for polyarthritis.

As soon as the potatoes bloom, it is necessary to collect flowers with stalks and dry them in the shade. You put a handful of dry color in a 0.75 liter bottle and fill it with 600 grams of triple green cologne. Put it in a dark place for two weeks and your medicine is ready. Rub it on your knees overnight and wash it off in the morning. And so the whole bottle. If the polyarthritis is very advanced, take a break, prepare the tincture again and repeat the course until you run like an 18-year-old.

But back to the potato color. It is also an excellent remedy for. stomach ulcer with any acidity. Unstable is prepared like this. Take three stems and pour 4 tablespoons of boiling water over them. Let it stand for 30 minutes in the oven, on the edge of the stove, but so as not to boil.

15 minutes before meals, take an infusion of 1 tablespoon three times a day. Prepare a new batch of tincture every day. Drink for 10 days, then a break for 20 days. I personally cured my duodenal ulcer in this way. When, after the course of treatment, I went to FSH, the doctor said that there was no ulcer, he saw only a scar, and asked what I had been treated with. By the way, my brother also cured his duodenal ulcer, and 15 more people were cured in the same way.

As for osteochondrosis, use the tinctures that you prepare for polyarthritis for compresses: moisten the gauze and apply to the sore spot.Leave it overnight, wrap it up with something warm, and wash it off during the day.

Address: 429430, Mari El, New Tor-yal, st. Komsomolskaya, 13.

Recipe I read it with disbelief ...


Some readers complain that this or that recipe didn't help. But the thing is not the messenger is to blame. Naturally, one will be helped, the other will not.

I have personally tried it! many recipes for the fungus. but they only partially drowned out the pain.

My heels were still cracking so much that I was a healthy man, I even cried.

At the hospital, the doctor told me that he was also suffering from this.

But then one day I came across a recipe that I, having lost all hope, met with disbelief. But since there was no other at that time, the pan decided or disappeared. It will not be worse.

The recipe was taken from the magazine "FiS" No. 12 for 1997. Reprinted it in full, so do not be surprised that the letter is written by a man, and the recipe is applied by a woman.

“To prepare the ointment, you need to take a full glass of sunflower oil, 25 grams of wax and 1 large onion. Finely chop the onion, fry it in sunflower oil until golden brown, then separate the onion, and boil the oil a little more, add wax to it and bring it to a boil again.

Cool slightly and pour into a glass jar (no sediment).

I pre-steamed the heels, soaped them, rubbed them with a pumice stone, washed them off with running water, wiped them dry, and then smeared them with ointment. I repeated the procedure daily, and the cracks disappeared very quickly.

Now I have such beautiful heels that I just admire them. However, I do not forget about prevention: once "a week, be sure to steam and smear my heels with ointment.

By the way, the shelf life of the ointment is not limited. "

Keep you good people, God.

About trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitis and varicose varicose veins

(Thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcer, eczema, venous fistulas, abscesses, heel fissures. TREATMENT of thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcers, eczema, venous fistulas, abscesses, heel fissures)

Thank you for publishing my request for the treatment of trophic ulcers. A lot of kind people responded, sent their recipes. I think that these recipes are needed by many more who suffer from trophic ulcers, wounds, gangrene and to whom they can be useful.

Therefore, I hope that they will be published.

Address: 62336O, s. Manchazh, Artinsky district, Sverdlovsk region, st. May 1 2. Lifar to Anna Vasilievna.

one . Freshly picked ripe tomatoes, sour in taste, cut into pieces and cut into pieces, wrap with a handkerchief. Keep it for a day, change in the morning. Treatment up to 2 months, during treatment, eat more vegetables, fruits, less meat, bread, sweets,

Sofia VLASOVA. The city of Nefteyugansk.

2. Fresh, this year, high-quality May honey. Lubricate sore spots or apply honey bandages. If honey is thick, heat it up only on warm, hot it already loses its medicinal properties. It will take 20 days for treatment.

Alexandra GALKINA. P / o Troitskoe, Penza region

3. Take the freshest egg from a domestic hen that lives a full life (there is a rooster in a hen herd), carefully separate the film covering the egg from the shell and place the inside of the ulcer. Do not remove the film for several days - up to 5. Pain may appear, if tolerated - be patient. Repeat the procedure. It was used by my old friend, a surgeon, to his patients.

Faina STENINA. Yekaterinburg city.

4. In the forest, collect resin from the trunks of pines and firs. Keep resin and propolis (beeswax) in the freezer for 24 hours. Then grind into a powder and sieve through a sieve, not very frequent. Pour resin and propolis powder into castor oil heated in a water bath, stirring until smooth. After removing the blank from the water bath, add wax, Kalanchoe juice (it can be replaced with agave juice) and sea buckthorn oil. If the ointment is thick, castor oil can be added. Treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide and apply a bandage with a masio. Can be alternated with a honey bandage.Ointment recipe in grams: castor oil - 30 sea buckthorn oil - 10 sap - 20 Kalanchoe pinnate juice - 20 beeswax - 10 Kalanchoe pinnate juice can be bought at the pharmacy, in ampoules.

The ointment has been tested on wet eczema, venous fistulas, boils, abscesses, an ulcer after a military wound with blue-black skin around the wound, on heel fissures, and so on ..

This recipe, tested by him, was sent from Domodedovo by Vladimir Kuk. At the end of the letter he put a poem he had composed. Here are his last lines:

There are more good ones than bad ones. "

"E0ZH": This is only a part of the recipes that Anna Vasilievna received at her request, published under the heading "From" call me! " The rest we will publish in one of the next issues, but for now we will give the floor to the authors of other letters on the "sore subject", because readers are constantly asking questions about the treatment of trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitis and varicose veins.


(Thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcer, varicose veins. TREATMENT of thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcers, varicose veins)

The main remedy for thrombophlebitis is horse chestnut preparations.

There are ready-made pharmacy tinctures from horse chestnut - ekkuzan, esflazid, escin: they are prescribed orally 10-20 drops 3 times a day before meals. The tincture can be prepared at home: 10 g of flowers or fruits of horse chestnut (taken from hedgehogs), crush and insist on 100 ml of vodka in the dark for a week, periodically shaking this mixture. Then, after draining, Take 30 drops 3 times a day before meals.

Horse chestnut preparations are used to treat thrombosis during childbirth and after surgery, and varicose veins, especially in pregnant women and women in labor.

A hot decoction of flowers is an excellent remedy for tumors after joint dislocations.

In this case, the broth is used either in the form of abundantly wet compresses, or very warm baths for limb injuries.

An effective remedy for pain in the legs, with a blue mesh of small veins is Kalanchoe tincture on alcohol or vodka. Any kind of Kalanchoe is suitable for these purposes.

Method of preparation: fill half a half-liter bottle with cut Kalanchoe leaves and pour alcohol or vodka to the top. Put in a dark place and shake occasionally.

After a week, the tincture is ready. Rub the tincture on the legs in the evening, starting from the foot and moving to the knees and above. The pain in the legs disappears immediately, but to heal, the disappearance of the vein mesh, it is necessary to repeat the procedure for 3-4 months in a row.

These recipes are also from a long list sent by Raisa Ivanovna Mankovskaya.

Address: Ukraine, 330035. Zaporozhye, Mayakovsky ave., 5, apt. 2.

It may very well be that we will continue to publish, but for now Raisa Ivanovna asks readers to send her the seeds of milk thistle. She wrote to the addresses that were published in the bulletin, but received no answer. Perhaps for the simple reason that sending a letter to Ukraine is expensive. But maybe one of our readers will help Raisa Ivanovna.

And fir oil helped


The "healthy lifestyle" bulletin was written out for the first year thanks to a neighbor. Therefore, I am writing for the first time, although I already have something to share. Here, for example, I read a letter from I. Rakhimova from Almetyevsk in No. 4 for February, who asked how to remove papillomas, or, as they are popularly called, “warts on legs”. It was during this period that I removed my papillomas, but I did not know the result yet. Before that, I tried a lot of tools and nothing helped. Then I decided to try fir oil. I read that it cures many diseases, I decided that it should cope with papillomas. In the morning and in the evening, she smeared them with a cotton swab dipped in oil, wound on a match. And here it is - it helped! I smeared it for about a month, until everything fell away.

I wanted to write to I. Rakhimova personally, but I thought: since she subscribes a newsletter, then, naturally, she will read my advice. And he may be useful to others.

But I, in turn, also have a request. Tortured dry eczema on the fingers, on the pads and around the nails. If anyone knows what remedy, write.

Address: 433510, Ulyanovsk region, Dimitrovgrad, st. Zapadnaya, 34, apt. 70. Kochkareva Nadezhda Nikolaevna.

I was treated ordinary iodine


I read it under the heading "Respond!" letter from Lyubov Ivanovna Godovanyuk, in which she asks for help and advice in the treatment of felon. I want to offer her this recipe.

Each pharmacy sells a 5% tincture of iodine. Buy and lubricate the nail and the skin around the nail 2-3 times a day. The inflammation will subside, and then disappear completely. After treatment, the nail and skin will come off, but there will be no more panaritium.

I had this disease 20 years ago. For almost 7 months my fingers hurt. The doctor gave the prescription. And everything went away, a new healthy nail grew. Since then, iodine has been my first assistant for any micro injuries to my hands.

Address: 658760, Altai Territory, s. Pankrushikha, st. Nekrasova, 8, apt. 8, Malenkova V.V.

(Dandruff, dandruff relief)

Rub 20-30 grams of fresh butter into the scalp 2 hours before washing. Cover with a warm bandage. You can immediately put a plastic bag directly on the hair of your head. And tie your head warmly. Repeat every week, or even more often. Get rid of dandruff for many years.

Repeat from time to time, at least once a quarter.


They take a lot of time and attention. Apply a callus patch as they write, walk for 3-4 days. Steam your feet in soda water for 25-30 minutes. Gently clean swollen, white skin - preferably in a pedicure room. After 10-12 days, apply the grated garlic - overnight. Also for 2-3 days in a row and again steam and clean. So repeat until you part with the corns. But what happiness it is to walk - it doesn't hurt (I had them on both soles up to 1 cm thick, I cut them off with a safe razor like "soap" - it's scary to remember how I suffered with them. Clean carefully - do not cut the skin. Better - not clean ...

Warts and papillomas

(Warts and papillomas. Treatment of warts and papillomas)

Potato juice is destructive for them. Cut the potatoes in half, wash your hands with soap and water and then with a sharp knife make a criss-cross cut in the middle of the potatoes and make the same scratch along the wart, if there are a lot of them, then each. In a month and a half, the warts will disappear. Discard the potatoes. Tested on yourself and close relatives.

Address: 354008, Sochi, st. Crimean, 77. Zhdanova V.A.

Herbal remedies for migraine headaches - garden and vegetable garden

Joshina Cough Syrup is a natural and effective cold remedy

The composition of Joshina therapeutic and prophylactic cough syrup is rich in extracts of medicinal plants, which are traditionally used in folk medicine in different countries to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract. At home, it is very difficult to assemble such a complex complex, since herbs grow in different climatic conditions and ripen at different times of the year.
A completely natural composition, which was carefully developed taking into account the peculiarities of the effect on the body of each of the ingredients, as well as the absence of narcotics, hypnotics and alcohol in it, makes it possible to use this remedy for people of different ages, including children from birth. Experts recommend using Joshina immediately after the first symptoms of the disease appear in order to eliminate the likelihood of undesirable consequences.
The advantage of this tool is its versatility. Joshina syrup is indicated for all types of coughs: wet, dry, it is also used to lower the temperature, relieve puffiness, and reduce the manifestations of rhinitis. It is not a drug, it can be used in parallel with other drugs and traditional medicine.
Indications for use
Joshina syrup is used at the first signs of the disease for therapy:

cough of various origins.

Also, Joshin's herbal cough syrup can be used prophylactically to prevent the development of illness in the presence of adverse environmental factors, for example, during outbreaks of seasonal colds.
Beneficial features
Joshin's syrup has the following beneficial effects on the human body:

anti-inflammatory. Healing herbs of syrup effectively relieve inflammatory reactions, preventing the disease from progressing to a more severe stage
expectorant. The active components of the remedy make the cough productive - they effectively liquefy the mucus accumulated in the organs of the bronchopulmonary system and remove it in small portions, without hindering breathing
antispasmodic. Due to the relaxing effect on the walls of the throat, a person is less bothered by the urge to cough while taking the drug. Joshina also relieves irritation, pain in the throat during illness, as a result of which the disease goes away much easier.
immunomodulatory. Plant extracts of syrup saturate the body with nutrients and vitamins, activating the body's defenses and increasing overall immunity. Joshina increases the body's resistance to various infections, viruses, bacteria
antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial. The tool effectively suppresses pathogenic microorganisms that provoke inflammatory processes in the mouth, throat, bronchi, lungs
antihistamine. Syrup relieves unpleasant symptoms of allergic rhinitis
mild laxative, diaphoretic. These properties contribute to the removal of heavy toxins and toxins from the sick body, due to which recovery occurs much faster.
calming. Effectively relieves irritation of the respiratory tract, suppresses coughing attacks, normalizes psycho-emotional state, eliminates anxiety, anxiety
decongestant. Relieves swelling of the mucous membranes of the respiratory system
antipyretic. Reduces fever, relieves fever, fever
tonic. Increases the tone of the body, gives a charge of vivacity, improves mood.

Cough syrup is made from the following natural ingredients:
naked licorice. It has expectorant, emollient, enveloping, diuretic, anti-inflammatory antispasmodic properties, regulates the water-salt balance in the body. Licorice stimulates the liquefaction and excretion of phlegm, makes breathing easier
common ziziphus. Relieves sore throat, eliminates wet cough, has sedative, antibacterial, antiviral effects
sweet basil. Good diaphoretic, antipyretic, bactericidal, tonic, which helps to get rid of a suffocating cough
forest mallow (mallow). Helps with dry cough, bronchitis, hoarseness. Forest mallow contains in its composition special mucous substances that effectively soften phlegm, relieve inflammation in the respiratory system, give a mild laxative effect on the digestive tract
sage medicinal. It has an astringent, antiseptic, calming effect on the human body. Reduces the activity of receptors that trigger violent coughing attacks
marshmallow medicinal. Has a pronounced expectorant effect. The active components of the herb envelop the mucous surface of the upper respiratory tract, thereby protecting against irritation and various injuries
fragrant violet. The violet contains a huge complex of substances useful to humans, thanks to which it is used for the treatment of whooping cough, sore throat, dry bronchitis, and other concomitant diseases such as migraines, dyspnea
anise ordinary. Good natural expectorant and diaphoretic
common flax.It has expectorant, laxative, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing properties. Effective for sore throat, sore throat
menthol. Acts on the cold receptors located in the throat and nose, thereby dulling the cough. Pain relief, antiseptic and calming effect
plantain. Perfectly liquefies phlegm and removes it from the bronchi and lungs.
Mode of application
Shake well before use. The dosage is adjusted according to the patient's age:

infants are given 0.5 tsp. Joshin syrup 2 - 3 r. in a day
children 1 - 14 years old - 1 tsp. 2 p. in a day
adults and children over 14 years old - 2 tsp. 2 p. in a day.

The remedy is taken in the morning immediately after waking up on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime. You can also dilute the required amount of the drug in 100 ml of warm water.
Since Joshina increases sweating, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids and limit exercise while taking this remedy.
Individual intolerance.

Cabbage pests and remedies

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Cabbage pests and remedies
Mother cabbage is delicious. Not capricious in cultivation. He will feed and heal. Therefore, not only people and animals love her, but also pests. There are a lot of them. Sucking and gnawing representatives of the fauna are ready to be saturated with the juice and pulp of cabbage from the first days of seedlings of this culture. Is it possible to get an environmentally friendly harvest of products at home? After all, beautiful heads of cabbage in the markets and in official sale are at least 15-20 treatments per growing season, which are far from harmless to health with drugs.

White cabbage. © Jill Carlson
Ways to protect cabbage from pests
Ways to protect cabbage from pests can be divided into 3 groups:

  • traditional chemical,
  • new biological,
  • folk.
All types of protection, if carried out correctly and in a timely manner, ensure success.

  • Chemical - fast, but hazardous to the health of family members and animals.
  • Biological - longer, requiring a system of treatments throughout the growing season, which takes a significant amount of time, but is absolutely safe for health.
  • Folk - the method of our grandmothers. Not always successful, overgrown with legends of the alleged instant destruction of pests with decoctions of herbs that are not always safe for humans (decoctions of hemlock, pyrethrum, aconite, etc.).

Cabbage damaged by pests. © J. Obermeyer
In order for the protection to be successful, it is necessary to know the most vulnerable periods in the development cycle of crop pests, the methods of feeding them, which will help to select the appropriate preparations. It is impractical to poison each pest separately, therefore, it is better to process the culture with tank mixtures, including several drugs, and destroy several species of individuals similar in type of nutrition in a certain period at one time. In the autumn-winter, more free from gardening, time, in a garden diary, you can compile a table of plant treatments with the following columns:

  • The periods of hatching of larvae and caterpillars by months (combine them into groups according to the way of feeding),
  • select preparations for sucking and gnawing pests,
  • specify the waiting time (validity) of drugs,
  • select combinations of preparations for tank mixtures in order to destroy several pests with one treatment, including preparations designed for only one type of pest.
A table, schedule or list of works will help reduce preparatory work for protective measures in the summer season.

The main sucking pests of cabbage
The main sucking pests include aphids, which settle on the underside of young leaves of a curling head of cabbage. In spring, aphids migrate from surrounding weeds, mostly cruciferous plants growing nearby, to young cabbage plants.The most numerous aphids are in June - the time of hatching of live larvae by female settler and August, when females appear. They lay overwintering eggs. During these periods, treatments against aphids are required.

Cabbage aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae). © Samuel Batista

Cabbage aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae). © Edithvale-Australia

Cabbage aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae). © Scot Nelson
Not the pest that is tall, but the one that is insatiable. This is what the people say about thrips. Invisible to the naked eye, adults suck out the juice, leaving abundant black dots of excrement on the mutilated leaves. The primary signs of plant damage are cabbage discoloration. Later, the leaves turn brown and, drying out, fall off. Thrips damage about 400 plant species, being especially active during dry periods. In areas constantly moistened, they practically do not harm. In natural conditions, thrips can overwinter in all stages of development and, with the onset of warm dry weather, they begin active movement and colonization of plants. For more effective destruction of the pest, simultaneous processing of dry areas of soil and plants is necessary. The contaminated soil is cultivated from early spring to late autumn in 2-3 weeks.

Thrips in different stages of development. © Vijay Anand Ismavel

Signs of damage to cabbage with thrips. © Jules
Cruciferous bugs
Large insects of bright color in the form of red, yellow, white spots, dashes, stripes on a black background. They mainly damage the leaves by sucking out plant juices. The leaves change their natural color, turn yellow with marble spots, wither. The formation of the head of cabbage stops, it becomes ugly, soft. Young plants die. The greatest harm in the development cycle of the pest is caused by the larvae emerging from the eggs. They are wingless form, therefore they are attached to the plant and, feeding on it, destroy the entire plant. They hibernate in mid-August. During the summer period, they can be harvested by hand, which significantly reduces their number and harmfulness.

Group of gnawing pests of cabbage
Of the gnawing pests, the most common are cabbage fly, cruciferous fleas, cabbage moth, cabbage scoop and whiteworm. Do not mind feasting on flower beetles and long-stemmed mosquitoes on cabbage shoots.

Cabbage fly
Cabbage fly is a serious pest of cabbage. At the end of May, it lays eggs on the soil near cabbage plants. After 7-8 days, larvae hatch, whose life cycle takes place in the roots and the lower part of the stem of the culture, where they penetrate from the egg-laying laid in the soil. The damaged organs rot. External manifestation: a general wilting of the plant and the appearance of a lead tint on the lower leaves of the cabbage are noticeable.

Caterpillars of butterflies of the cabbage scoop, moths, and whites inflict significant harm. Gnawing holes in the leaves of the head of cabbage and polluting them with their waste, they are able to transfer the entire crop intended for the market to livestock feed.

Cabbage moth
Cabbage moth is a small gray-brown butterfly. Life expectancy is 30 days. Lays up to 300 eggs in early June (small yellow dots on the underside of the leaf) in the northern regions, and from April in the southern regions. After 3 days, yellowish fusiform, fast cabbage-eating caterpillars appear, intensively feeding on the pulp of leaves around the clock. Over the summer, the pest forms 5-6 generations (a new generation appears every 5-7 weeks).

White butterfly
Favorite butterfly of kids, with rapture catching it with nets. It is a large mole. A distinctive feature is the black round specks on the wings. Lays up to 100 eggs on leaves. The development cycle of caterpillars from eggs is longer than that of small moths. After 8-15 days, caterpillars appear, eating up the leaves to the veins.

Scoop butterfly
It is especially harmful in that it damages about 70 species of plants, including vegetables, fruit, garden flowers, etc.The scoop (baby owl) is nocturnal. Invisible beige-brownish, gray-brown with broken spots of light shades on the wings. Its flight is observed from the first days of May to the end of October in warm regions. The female lays up to 2700 eggs on the underside of the leaves, from which colored caterpillars (from green to brown spotted) hatch after 5-8 days. They overwinter in the form of a pupa and larva. For wintering, they deepen into the soil up to 10 cm. In the southern regions it forms 3 generations, in the northern regions - one.

Cabbage fleas damage all cruciferous plants. Small bugs with a characteristic type of movement - jumping, are distinguished by an increased appetite. If they are not stopped, they are able to completely destroy seedlings or young seedlings, damaging the young leaves. They hibernate in the soil and under various debris, including plant debris.

In addition to the pests described above, young cabbage plants suffer from bears and wireworms. Slugs that harm plants are annoying. In the heat, they hide in secluded cool places, often in the leaves of the head of cabbage, which serves as food for them at night. The eaten edges of the leaves are silent witnesses of the night feast. This whole army of pests requires immediate protection. The most practical are measures that combine soil and plant cultivation.

Cabbage pest control methods
Brief characteristics of the main pests of the crop clearly indicate the need for systemic treatment of plants. 1-2 treatments during the summer against the background of an unkempt area will not save the plants from damage, the crop will be so low-quality that it cannot be eaten.

Familiarization with pest cycles clearly indicates the need for treatments from early spring to harvest. Their number can be reduced in different ways, the basis of which is compliance with the technology of growing crops. Healthy, developed plants better resist the destructive work of pests.

Agricultural practices
Agricultural practices do not destroy cabbage pests, but preemptive agricultural technology and precise implementation of crop cultivation technology contribute to their significant quantitative reduction and less damage to plants.

  • To destroy the wintering forms of pests, autumn cultivation of the soil and territory is necessary (removal of garbage, weeds, digging the soil, etc.)
  • Before planting seedlings, it is necessary to destroy the bear, wireworm, May beetle using one of the methods used in summer cottages.
  • Blossoming of herbs should not be allowed around the site in spring. Early departing butterflies settle on wild plants and, when sprouting or planting seedlings, move to vegetable beds. The grass is mowed, leaving 4-8 cm of sod, which preserves the soil from the negative influence of the environment.

It is better to propagate insecticide plants and plants around the site that attract natural enemies of pests - trichogramma, apanteles, nitobia, diadromus.

Aphids are destroyed by lacewing larvae, beetles and larvae of coccinellids, larvae of serfids, which are considered weeds as their main home. Thrips (larvae and adults) are happy to feed on bugs orius and antokoris, predatory phytoseiid mites, neoseiulus. For breeding on the site, you can buy them in specialized stores or firms.

Chemical protection measures
Cabbage is one of those crops where the use of chemical remedies is unacceptable. The tightly curling head of cabbage does not allow to wash off the remnants of the preparation, and it gets into the kitchen and further into the menu. It is inexpedient to rely on the decomposition time. It is not known what is more dangerous than the drug itself or its residues.

If there is no way out, then in compliance with all personal safety equipment and strictly following the recommendations, you can use chemical preparations of systemic and contact action for the treatment of leaves and soil in cabbage beds in the first 2-3 weeks (before the start of curling the head of cabbage).

In April-May (mass shoots and 3-4 day old cabbage seedlings), plants and soil can be pollinated with dust, naphthalene, dry celandine powder. Or during the same period, you can sprinkle plants with solutions of actellik, decis, actara. Dilute 20 ml of one of the preparations into 10 liters of water. The solutions act on adult insects, therefore they are sprayed on plants and soil. No more than 1-2 sprays are carried out with a period of 3-5 days.

Recently, preparations specifically for cabbage have been more often recommended: Iskra-M, Fury, Bankol. They can also cultivate soil and plants. Add 2 ml of bankola to 3 liters of water and sprinkle on the plants and soil. The fleas will disappear. In a later period, it is necessary to switch to other means of protection (biological, folk, physical destruction).

Covering cabbage with a pest net. © ossettweather
Biologicals for pest control of cabbage
Biologics, unlike chemical ones, are based on living fungi, bacteria and nematodes. Their peculiarity is that they do not harm humans and animals. Combine well in tank mixes. Many have a contact and systemic effect of neurotoxin action on pests. After treatment, gnawing pests stop feeding after 4-6 hours, sucking after 8-12 hours and die.

In his garden medicine cabinet, it is enough for a gardener to have the following biological products:

  • Bitoxibacillin and Bicol - mainly used against sucking pests of aphids and bedbugs.
  • Verticillin - against whiteflies and aphids.
  • Nemabakt and Antonem-F - against nematodes, thrips, wireworms, cabbage flies, miner flies, May beetle larvae, bear, locusts.
  • Pecilomycin and Metarizin will replace Nemabact in protection against nematodes.
  • Aktofit will effectively destroy sucking and gnawing pests. One of the best biological products for summer residents. It destroys cabbage moths, aphids, scoops, cabbage whites. It can be used not only for processing cabbage, but also for all vegetable crops with one dressing. After 4-16 hours, all pests treated with the biological product die. Up to 10-12 treatments per season with Aktofit with repetition during epidemics after 4-8 days do not have a negative effect on plants. The products can be eaten 2 days after processing. If Aktofit is not on sale, then biological products Aversectin-C and Avertin-N have similar properties.
All of these drugs are compatible in a tank mix. If you use a mixture of Aktofit with Nemabact and Bicol, the garden will be cleared of the main pests of not only cabbage, but also other vegetable crops. When preparing the tank mixture, laundry soap is used to enhance adhesion. Laundry detergents and dishwashing detergents are chemicals and can kill or reduce the effectiveness of bioinsecticides.

When working with biological products, it is necessary to take into account that their effectiveness reaches a maximum when working in a temperature regime of + 18 ° C. Therefore, in early spring, when temperatures fluctuate between +10 .. + 12 ° С, cabbage plants can be treated with chemicals 1-2 times. Remember that when preparing a tank mixture, each drug is dissolved separately in accordance with the recommendation, and then the solutions are poured into one container, stirred and sprayed on the plants.

It is advisable to check each drug for compatibility with the others, especially if it is used for the first time. Biological products are easily washed off with water during sprinkling and rain, which necessitates frequent treatment. But health is more expensive. Only with bioprocessing can you get a full-fledged, environmentally friendly product.

Cardboard collar to protect against cabbage fly larvae. © notjustgreenfingers
If you have begun to protect cabbage from pests with biological products, you cannot use chemical products. They will cause the death of the living base of the biological product (fungi, bacteria).Biological products contain live microorganisms for which the soil is a natural habitat. Accumulating in the soil during the processing of plants, some of their species reproduce themselves. The soil is enriched with beneficial microflora, which also protects plants from pests.

Folk remedies for pest control of cabbage
On various sites, a huge number of decoctions and infusions of herbal insecticides are offered. But their use must be commensurate with their toxicity. For example: plants treated with hemlock decoction can cause poisoning, and the use of aconite decoctions can generally be fatal. Be attentive and careful. Only use insecticide plants that you are familiar with and always hold for 2 weeks before eating processed fruits and other products.

The use of camphor oil in medicine

Oil can alleviate the condition, and even cure many diseases. It is used in several ways.

  • Aromatherapy for nervous disorders and insomnia. Literally two or three drops of essential oil are dripped into the aroma lamp.
  • Baths for diseases of the skin, respiratory system, joints, muscle pain, nervous disorders. Since camphor is very poorly soluble in water, it is mixed with emulsifiers - substances that combine a homogeneous substance with elements that do not mix in nature. Enough two drops per 15 ml of emulsifier, then the mixture is dissolved in hot water and you can take a bath for about 20-30 minutes.
  • Compresses are used for inflammatory skin processes, burns, wounds.
  • Massage and rubbing for the treatment of acute respiratory diseases, relief from bronchopulmonary diseases, as well as muscle, joint and rheumatic pain.
  • Instillation for ear pains.
  • Inhalation for colds, tonsillitis, rhinitis, bronchitis and other diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

With otitis media and other ear diseases

Ear hurts and there is a suspicion of otitis media? Usually children suffer from these problems, and not infrequently. If the ear has recently ached and there is no fever, then you can prevent inflammation and otitis media by using camphor oil in the ear - one or two drops. Pre-warm the oil collected in a pipette in the palm of your hand so that the liquid does not turn out to be too cold for an already inflamed ear.

Photo: https://pixabay.com/photos/ears-ear-ear-lobe-sound-listen-2545756/

If the thermometer shows normal values, then a couple of drops of oil at a temperature comfortable for the body are instilled into the sore ear. All the same, the discomfort will be noticeable, because the liquid enters the ear canal, and this is very unpleasant, but at least it should not be cold.

After instillation, the diseased ear warms up in any way known to you.

The most popular folk methods are as follows.

  • A hot, hard-boiled egg wrapped in several layers of cloth. As it cools, it unfolds. It is necessary to heat until the testicle remains in its pure form without "wrappers" and cools down.
  • Ordinary table salt, red-hot in a dry frying pan. It is poured into a bag or wrapped in a dense cloth. Then the hot pad is wrapped in many layers and removed as it cools.
  • A Soviet-made blue lamp or a more modern heating agent.

If the temperature is elevated, then you can just drip oil, but do not do the heating, so as not to aggravate the situation. But camphor will relieve pain and partially reduce inflammation, you can take a pill of paracetamol (it has not only an antipyretic effect, but also acts as an analgesic).

Nevertheless, you should not rely on healing properties, ear pain is comparable to toothache, and for children it is especially painful. Urgently see a doctor in the morning! Or use already proven pharmacy products that simultaneously relieve pain and inflammation.

With a cold

Any colds that lead to coughs, pain, wheezing, wheezing and bronchial discomfort can be quickly and effectively treated with camphor oil. The method is suitable for both adults and kids. But there is a prerequisite - normal body temperature and age after two years!

So, get rid of annoying dry cough, turning it into wet, and then promoting high-quality sputum discharge is possible if:

  • pour a little oil into the palm of your hand (no more than a teaspoon) and massage them in a circular motion on the patient's chest
  • take a Soviet "blue lamp" and warm up the bronchi, avoiding the heart area
  • keep the lamp as low as possible, while not stopping rubbing, otherwise the patient may feel a burning sensation and get burned
  • after 15-20 minutes repeat the procedure, but for the back.

Such warming up two to three times a day will quickly relieve you of a dry barking cough, since it dilates blood vessels, increases blood circulation, and the aroma of hot oil penetrates inside with breathing and acts as a light inhalation.

No blue lamp? Then intensively rub the chest and back with oil for several minutes so that the palms become hot and the patient feels warm. Apply gauze, cellophane on top, and then wrap your chest and back with a warm scarf or shawl. It is advisable to spend the night with such a compress; a shorter application time may not produce the desired effect.

Unfortunately, this method causes a lot of inconvenience to the sick person, try to sleep in cellophane compresses yourself, and even with an uncomfortable scarf! Therefore, try to get a blue lamp or a similar device, it will come in handy more than once.

With mastitis

Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast. It usually develops in primiparous women during breastfeeding. Sometimes it appears in the last stage of pregnancy, in girls during puberty and even in babies. It is characterized by "engorgement" of the breast, induration, redness of the skin, fever and pain. The most common reason is milk stagnation, cracked nipples, as a result of which an infection gets inside. The main pathogens are staphylococci and streptococci.

What do we have to do? Empty the breast completely after feeding the baby, and then apply cold to reduce swelling.

The harbinger of mastitis is often lactostasis - a blockage of the milk ducts. If they are not "punctured" in a timely manner, then milk stagnation can turn into a more serious problem, up to a purulent abscess.

Compress with camphor oil will greatly facilitate and improve the condition of the breast. The oil penetrates deeply into the skin, dilates blood vessels and increases blood supply.

Moisten the gauze or bandage folded in several layers with camphor oil, and then attach the applique to the chest and insulate with cellophane and a bandage, leave for several hours until the baby's next feeding, then wash off the oil well with warm water and soap.

With mastopathy

Mastopathy is an overgrowth of connective tissue in the mammary gland, while nodules and seals are formed (ranging in size from a pea to a walnut). They do not cause discomfort or pain, but they can lead to adverse consequences. The disease can develop at any age.

Compresses with camphor oil can slow down the process of knot formation, as they increase blood circulation. Pure oil is applied to the chest and rubbed with light massage movements. Then gauze or bandage, cellophane and an insulating bandage are applied. The compress is recommended to be done at night.

You can mix camphor oil with alcohol in equal proportions.

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With bedsores

In bedridden patients, willy-nilly, even with good care, rest against the hard surface of the bed (heels, buttocks, shoulder blades, sacrum and others, depending on the position). As a result, blood circulation is disturbed, necrosis occurs (necrosis of soft tissues due to constant pressure).

For a bedridden patient, if he does not have an individual intolerance or allergy, camphor can be an excellent tool for the prevention of pressure sores.Due to its dense structure and consistency, it is advisable to dilute it with base ones, such as almond, by adding literally a few drops. The resulting mixture is vigorously rubbed with the patient, contributing to an increase in blood supply and adequate tissue nutrition.

With neuralgia

The disease is characterized by damage to peripheral nerves and can manifest itself in any part of the body.

The most common types:

  • trigeminal nerve (face)
  • intercostal neuralgia, especially often arising in osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine
  • cutaneous nerve of the thigh, in which the skin "burns" and it becomes numb
  • the occipital nerve, when pain extends from the occiput to the temples, and pain occurs mainly during coughing or sneezing.

Camphor oil is used in these cases as a massage and rubbing agent. Only it must be added to the base oil (neutral), for example, almond, olive, or at least sunflower.

With myositis

Various muscle diseases are called myositis. They are usually characterized by local manifestations and:

  • pain syndrome is observed in the "diseased" area, which increases with movements
  • there may be swelling or slight swelling
  • reddening of the skin appears at the epicenter, an increase in body temperature, a "hot" sensation at the site of the lesion.

Myositis is dangerous due to atrophy and degradation of certain muscles, which will disrupt the proper development of the musculoskeletal system.

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If the diagnosis is made (try not to do it yourself!), Then a course of therapy is prescribed, which also includes massage. And adding a few drops of camphor to the base massage oil will only do good!

Features of the plant life cycle

The first year of life is characterized by the formation of a basal rosette of feathery leaves that look like parsley. Accidentally eaten by animals and eaten by humans instead of parsley can lead to serious poisoning! The fact is that the leaves do not have an unpleasant or bitter taste, which is why they are confused.

In the second year, a hollow high stem appears, which is covered with numerous spots (hence the name - spotted). An umbrella-shaped inflorescence opens on the stem, the fruits resemble the seeds of anise, dill.

Sometimes wild parsley is confused with angelica, a medicinal plant that grows in meadows. A characteristic feature of hemlock is an unpleasant, mouse-like odor, especially if a leaf or stem is rubbed in your hands. This smell is exuded by all parts of the plant. By the name hemlock is sometimes confused with marsh rosemary, which is also popularly called hemlock and puzzle. However, these are completely different plants and are not interchangeable.

Useful health products - garden healers

Tasty and healthy foods for health promotion, taken from garden beds, enrich the diet with vitamins and can fight many diseases.

When the body is attacked by a pathological process, then, of course, the solution of therapeutic problems is predominantly drug-based, even surgical at an advanced stage.

However, pharmacological drugs (antibiotic, analgesic), in addition to positive dynamics, bring the body a large portion of side effects, since they are structurally a combination of chemical ingredients that adversely affect the parameters of the immune system.

Gradually, regular intake of drugs causes a weakening of the immune system, provoking an increase in the need for new portions of drugs. Frequent use, in doses significantly exceeding therapeutic prescriptions, causes intoxication (poisoning) - a negative reaction to the drug ingested.

"Natural medicines" taken from the garden or garden shrub have a milder effect, the side effect is more modest, although there are undoubtedly contraindications. You need to know about them in order to minimize the likelihood of complications.

Treatment with garden herbal "preparations" is a protracted process, obliges to show patience, perseverance, otherwise the effectiveness will be minimal.

It is necessary to clearly realize that the use of folk remedies is a secondary therapeutic measure that provides tangible support for the basic, drug-based course of treatment, mainly at an early stage of the disease.

Without agreement, it is advisable not to undertake independent manipulations, if you are not sure of the prescription, be sure to consult your doctor.

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