Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are plants belonging to the rutaceae family and so are their fruits, some examples being lemon, mandarin, orange and grapefruit. These trees or shrubs are almost all evergreen and originate from India and the Far East, but are widespread in Europe in areas with a Mediterranean climate. The leaves of citrus fruits can have the shape of a spear or an ellipse; the flowers vary in size depending on the species, in general they have a white color but they also exist with various colored shades, they are delicately scented. The fruits have a more or less round or elongated shape; generally the peel is wrinkled but can be, albeit rarely, also smooth, inside it has a layer similar to a sponge and is white in color. The inside of the fruit is divided into very juicy wedges each wrapped in a very thin membrane and, ... continue

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continue ..., inside them, we find the seeds.

Very often we fall into the error of considering fruit non-caloric and suitable if you want to lose weight; distinctions must also be made for citrus fruits; for example, if we are on a diet, oranges will be preferable to mandarins, they are less caloric and richer in fiber. Another mistake that is made is to consider the vitamin C present in citrus fruits, an ally against flu and colds, but this is not at all true, rather it can be useful against diseases in case of use of antibiotics. Recent studies have also shown that the vitamin C present in citrus fruits in high doses helps the activity of the kidneys, can help prevent myocardial infarction and stomach cancer and, last but not least, slows down the various damage caused by smoking.

Citrus fruits can be consumed fresh clove after clove or in the form of jams, jams, yogurt, fruit juices, candied fruit, etc .; very useful essential oils are extracted from them and used above all in perfumery and cosmetics.

The citrus fruits are harvested when the fruit reaches a right degree of ripeness, they must be removed from the plant with scissors in a delicate way in order not to cause damage and injuries; this operation can be done from the ground or through the stairs, after which they are deposited in crates and are taken to the processing areas.

The most famous citrus fruits are certainly those of Sicily, their cultivation is certainly among the most important together with that of olives, fruit trees and vineyards.

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