Desert King Watermelon Care: Growing A Drought Tolerant Watermelon Vine

Desert King Watermelon Care: Growing A Drought Tolerant Watermelon Vine

By: Amy Grant

Juicy watermelons are made up of about 92% water, hence, they require sufficient irrigation, especially when they are setting and growing fruit. For those with less access to water in arid regions, don’t despair, try growing Desert King watermelons. Desert King is a drought tolerant watermelon that still produces reliably juicy melons. Interested in learning how to grow a Desert King? The following article contains Desert King melon information for growing and care.

Desert King Melon Information

Desert King is a variety of watermelon, a member of the Citrullus family. Desert King (Citrullus lanatus) is an open-pollinated, heirloom melon with a light pea-green rind surrounding the gorgeous yellow to orange flesh.

Desert King watermelons produce 20 pound (9 kg.) fruits that are resistant to sun scald. This cultivar is one of the most drought resistant varieties out there. They will also hold for a month or so on the vine after ripening and, once harvested, store very well.

How to Grow a Desert King Watermelon

Desert King watermelon plants are easy to grow. They are, however, tender plants so be sure to set them out after all chance of frost has passed for your region and your soil temperature is at least 60 degrees F. (16 C.).

When growing Desert King watermelons, or really any type of watermelon, do not start the plants earlier than six weeks before they will go in the garden. Since watermelons have long tap roots, start the seeds in individual peat pots that can be planted directly into the garden so you don’t disturb the root.

Plant the watermelons in well-draining soil that is rich with compost. Keep the watermelon seedlings damp but not wet.

Desert King Watermelon Care

Although Desert King is a drought-tolerant watermelon, it still needs water, especially when it is setting and growing fruit. Do not let the plants dry out completely or the fruit will be susceptible to cracking.

Fruit will be ready to harvest 85 days from sowing.

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(Citrullus lanatus) 73 days. Crimson Sweet Open Pollinated Watermelon are the most popular watermelon sold today. The 20 to 25 lb fruits are oval to round with a thick rind a red flesh. Crimson Sweet has small seeds.

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