Thin out the peaches

Thin out the peaches

Question: thin out the peaches

How to thin out the peaches as many as you need to remove

Thinning peaches: Answer: thinning peaches

Dear Angelo, thank you for submitting your curiosities in the "Questions and answers" section of our website. Answering your question is not easy because it is difficult to establish in advance how many peaches you need to remove to thin out a plant. In fact, there are several factors that contribute to determining the quantity of fruit to be left, primarily the size and age of the tree. If we want peaches of acceptable size to ripen, we must evaluate the size of the plant and estimate the load of fruit that this will be able to withstand. For young and small plants it is obviously a good idea to leave few fruits per bud because the plant is not yet able to support a good load of fruits, especially in terms of supplying nutrients. If, on the other hand, we have already mature plants, we can leave a higher quantity of fruit on the branches, while trying not to overdo it. Leaving a high number of fruits will lead to a decrease in their size and lead to having many fruits but small ... ideal situation for those who want to make jams but not very pleasant for those who want to taste the fruits of their trees! An average value, that is, estimated on an average plant that is neither too young nor mature, which can give you an indication on which to then make your consideration, is that of 2/3 peaches per bud. This value can then be increased or decreased according to the individual characteristics of the plant.

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