Why aren't my garden plants setting fruit

Why aren't my garden plants setting fruit

Why aren't my garden plants setting fruit?

Is your garden just going to be a place for your wife to sit, and play cards, and get comfortable? Does she expect you to come to her? Is she irritated when you get caught up in your work on the front porch, as though you were spending your time somewhere else?

She's basically asking you to quit being distracted. Being "on" (managing the home and family), is more important to her than "being with you". You know, "stealing your time" as she calls it.

Many women are involved in the home-based business of homemaking. Therefore, "being a homebody" isn't natural for them. They may have been raised in the home to be passive, or their husbands are always "on the go".

If you're home all day, doing everything, what will you do if your wife needs you? What is she doing in the meantime? When you get home at night, what is she going to do?

Homemaking may be her job. Yet, it's your duty, and in some situations, it can even be a form of abuse.

However, you don't have to be the stereotypical husband. You can have a fulfilling life, regardless of where she is or what she's doing, and regardless of how she feels. You can stand firm in who you are, in the definition of a man, and not have to compromise your health, happiness or integrity.

To have a successful marriage, and a great life, you must agree to disagree. You must accept the fact that she'll have a different definition of "success" than you.

Accept it, even like it, and work to improve your relationship together. She won't like it, but you'll both respect it and appreciate it.

How to Get Her to Get Off the Phone!

There are several methods to implement if your wife gets "phubbed" on the phone. Here's one way to start, and then we'll cover some more in-depth remedies and methods.

First, talk to her. Explain your frustration with her callers. Don't come off as being upset with her.

There are times when she doesn't mean any harm. But her callers (when not mutually interested) can get angry and even hostile, and at that point, it's difficult to make any progress. And at that point, your wife will probably never apologize.

In that instance, you can find out what her intentions are. Tell her how it's bothering you, and that you're trying to find a way to work through this. And explain to her, again, what you feel is acceptable (no callers, and never calls where you can't be heard).

In cases like these, she'll need a little time to think about it. You'll have to take a bit of a back-seat, and let her move the direction. But she won't want to do this. It's usually the case that she wants to resolve things without talking about it.

Listen to her. What you're hearing is her thinking about what's best for her and her callers. A fair number of callers want to see her success, especially when they're getting nowhere, and they're not interested in another call to get the same thing, in that particular relationship.

She needs to think that through first.

If you try to speak to her before she does, then she'll become defensive, and in that case, you'll just end up arguing with her.

If she's motivated, she'll take it to heart. She'll work with you, to come up with a solution.

She may even give you some names of callers that have success. Or she may come up with a great idea herself. It's up to her. But that's why you need to work this out, and why you need to keep listening.

The second you show interest in her process, she'll become furious. It shows she's not getting what she wants, and she'll start to put herself down, as if she's giving up on herself. She'll start to hate herself, and feel she deserves to be spoken to in that manner.

She needs to see that you're not putting her down, that you actually care. She may feel that when you don't respect her and/or the direction she's chosen, you're putting her down as a woman. And that just won't work.

Let her know that you're not treating her that way. You're not ignoring her, and you're not walking away from her.

Resist the urge to blame her for getting on the phone. It's easy to say she got on the phone and I didn't answer, but the truth is that the person you were on the phone with asked to speak to you. And there are plenty of places you could be, instead of being stuck at the phone, talking to a caller.

You have obligations. She has obligations too. You both do what you have to do. And at some point, if the person at the other end of the phone is expecting you to spend any significant time, then you should be there.

There's a difference between making yourself available and just becoming stuck at the phone, no matter what the callers are saying.

But if she feels like this, and keeps on blaming herself for getting on the phone, then she's your problem. She needs to stop and look within, and make sure that she isn't using this as an excuse to blame herself for who she is.

Take away her platform. Her cell phone, her home phone, and her computer, and tell her you will no longer be answering the phone. She can call you for things like your opinion, but that's it. You won't be responding to any of her text messages, or emails.

Your only purpose in life, and your place in the home, is to work. Don't waste time talking to anyone, if you don't have to. Spend your time working on your business.

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