Farmhouse style indoor plants

Farmhouse style indoor plants

Winter is a great time to add plants to your home. Being cooped up when the weather is cold and days are shorter, a bit of greenery in your home is sure to brighten your mood. Add a plant to a room decorated in neutrals and it instantly comes to life. Photo by Historical Concepts. Architectural urns are a great way to show off your plants.

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Farmhouse Artificial Plants and Trees

Your farm and the outdoor parts of your farmhouse are not the only places that deserve some green. You could benefit from some beautiful greens inside your farmhouse too. Indoor plants can add some color and dimension to the interior design of your farmhouse.

When trying to get an indoor plant for your farmhouse, you have many options to choose from. Lavender is not commonly an indoor plant, but if you get the right variety and take care of it properly, it can thrive indoors.

To get the ideal color, growth, fragrance, and beautiful blooms, you need to expose your indoor lavender to sufficient sunlight. Place the plant in your windows that face the south. You may also expose it to fluorescent lights to supplement the light it receives. You may also want to prioritize getting a porous clay pot. With such pots, moisture is not held in, and the roots are unlikely to rot.

The spider plant is a common hanging plant. It has a trailing form, with either solid green leaves, or green leaves with white stripes running through the middle. If you want an indoor plant you can care for easily, then a spider plant is an option you should consider.

They thrive in well-drained soil, and you should let the soil dry a bit between waterings. The leaves of the maidenhair fern are light-green and feathery, and the stems are soft and shiny.

It turns out they may actually be fragile and can be a challenge to maintain. But with the right steps, taking care of your Maidenhair Fern should not be a problem. Maidenhair ferns need a moderate amount of light. If the plant does not get enough sunlight, it will lose leaves and wilt. Then add water until it almost reaches the top of the pebbles. This setup ensures that as water evaporates from the saucer, the humidity reaches the plant above.

The umbrella plant is indigenous to tropical rainforests of Java, New Guinea, and Queensland. This plant is non-flowering, and it grows very fast, with its maximum height standing at around six feet. You have to be cautious with this plant, however. The umbrella plant is a bit toxic, so keep children and pets away from it. Unlike many other plants on this list, this plant prefers moist soil. So, you may have to water it a bit more than the rest.

If you want, you may fertilize your umbrella plant. Another option you have is the aloe vera plant. This succulent plant is native to the Arabian pennisula. Aloe is not only beautiful, but the gel it produces is medicinal. So if you like, you can apply the gel to the skin to heal burns and clear acne. You may also apply aloe gel to moisturize and soothe dry skin. But you should avoid swallowing it. Aloe vera is a succulent plant. You should allow the soil to dry from the previous watering before watering again.

Aloe vera should be planted in well-drained soil. To effect proper drainage, drill a hole at the bottom of the pot. You may then place the pot on a saucer or raise it above the saucer with some pebbles.

Aloe vera plants will do well in indirect bright light. The snake plant is also called St. Besides beautifying your farmhouse, the snake plant can help with air purification as it produces oxygen all day and night.

Snake plants grow quite fast. While watering a snake plant, avoid getting the leaves wet. The fiddle-leaf fig is a plant indigenous to the tropical forests of South Africa.

It is a flowering plant, and it can grow as tall as feet under the most favorable outdoor conditions. Fiddle-leaf figs should be planted in a well-drained potting soil mix inside a relatively small pot. You can water them once every one to two weeks, depending on the humidity and temperature inside your home. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please read my disclaimer for additional details.

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The Best Faux Plants: Farmhouse Style (and Their Benefits)

From its sunflower colors to its petal-strewn tires, this bicycle-themed planter brims with eye-catching appeal. Designed with durable iron, this plant stand features two saddle-bag The DecMode Farmhouse Round Iron Planters with Stands - Set of 3 looks awesome in a contemporary condo or a classic country cottage thanks to its unique style. This set of three planters sit on sturdy metal stands, and each This rustic clay flower pot comes with a jute rope hanger, so you can suspend it from the ceiling or hang it on the This box planter has a weathered wood construction for an authentic antique vibe.

Beautiful Indoor Plants to Grow · Maiden Hair Fern · Succulent or Air Plant Birch Planter · Ficus Danielle · Boston Fern · African Violet · Herb.

Farmhouse conversion

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22+ Farmhouse Indoor Plant Decor Ideas

One of our most popular outdoor designs. This southern property will make your life in the country more Construct a wrap-around porch. Wood heated … Fully covered wrap around porch, 2 car garage. Wrap around porch is defined as the front gate that indicates your house where it is the place of the door is built. The pool is surrounded with a beautiful wrought-iron fence with custom brick columns, immaculate landscaping with a complete … This immaculate 3, sqft beauty is one-of-a-kind.

Add a touch of fall to your home this season! Decorated with mixed berries and faux autumnal leaves, our minimalistic garland will bring the outside in this season.

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Extra large floor vase with artificial flowers

Mike Garten 4 December at PM. Cute and cheap Fall wreath. Too complicated guys. In more modern times, the wreath has taken on new forms, not always made out of evergreen. Once you've trimmed the tree, head outside to deck your front door for the holidays. But, there are so many other places that you can put your wreath!

I think second hand shops have so much potential to turn a house into a home decor, home ware, fashion and indoor plants Discover Perth's Best.

Farmhouse Planters

Your farm and the outdoor parts of your farmhouse are not the only places that deserve some green. You could benefit from some beautiful greens inside your farmhouse too. Indoor plants can add some color and dimension to the interior design of your farmhouse. When trying to get an indoor plant for your farmhouse, you have many options to choose from.

Dollar tree fairy lights

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Australian House and Garden. Landscape designer Giuseppe Baldi has filled his home with large cacti and tropical ferns, alongside a variety of succulents, which flow from the living room and kitchen, right through to the bathroom and bedroom. A tall bird-of-paradise in an oversized pot and a huge tree fern frame the living zone, separating it from the dining area. He can rearrange the pots or move them to another space entirely depending on his mood and lifestyle.

Here we are, back again with a new interior design style for you, and this one is a more mainstream one… Farmhouse , or also called Rustic interior design!

With the recent social distancing measures and more time spent at home, many of us want to add a little green to our homes. Plants provide a connection to nature, give us something living to care for, and help purify our indoor air. However, these plants would work equally well in a boho or modern style home. Additionally, all the plants featured here are readily available at hardware stores or nurseries that sell indoor plants. I can attest that 4 of the 6 plants featured here are extremely easy to care for, the proof is that they are still alive despite my not-so-green thumb. Dracaena trifasciata is a species of flowering succulent plant native to tropical West Africa.

Mid century modern farmhouse design has been on trend since earlyThis post may contain affiliate links where I earn a small commission on your purchases at no additional cost to you. My design style used to be very strong in the modern farmhouse style. You can see how our living room looked when I leaned more that way in this post on how to get the modern farmhouse living room look.