Spiky indoor plant

Spiky indoor plant

Even if your home is lacking in square footage , incorporating some greenery here and there is essential to bringing it to life. Naturally, indoor plants add more beauty to a space while also providing functional benefits, like promoting a positive mood , purifying the air , and making you feel connected to nature without having to step outside. So there is no reason to let a small space or lack of gardening experience stop you from flexing your green thumb inside your home! Below, we've rounded up 22 indoor plants, including those that take up minimal space—and some that grow into full-blown trees if you have just a bit more room to work with.

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15 Best Spiky Plants And Why Every Garden Needs Them

There are many different spiky indoor plants to choose from and most of them are ideal for beginner gardeners. This post contains affiliate links. Please read the disclosure for more info. Aloe vera is one of the most popular spiky indoor plants. You can even add aloe vera gel to smoothies. The African milk tree is an interesting cactus with tall spiky stems that can reach 4 feet cm tall.

I also like the pincushion cactus , which is round with lots of prickly spines. In spring they produce beautiful pink or yellow flowers. Haworthias are small succulents with tightly packed spiky leaves. Haworthias are very easy to care for and like other succulents they only need watering every week or two. There are many different varieties of agave including some that are suited to growing indoors. After agaves have flowered they begin to die but they produce baby plants from the base of the plant that you can use to propagate more plants.

Dragon trees are attractive indoor plants with spiky leaves that are green with red edges. Another spiky indoor tree is the yucca , which looks similar to the dragon tree. Placing them on a high shelf or windowsill will help to prevent any nasty injuries and always wear thick gloves when repotting any of these plants.

Are you on Pinterest? I have boards dedicated to Houseplants and Indoor Gardens that you may enjoy. You can also find me on Facebook. How fab are all these spiked plants! It is always nice to have a bit of greenery in the home for sure x. I wondered if any of these plants would resemble that. I think the haworthia would be a good one for me because I could put it on my desk and it would be perfect.

I also like the look of the dragon tree, and being a very beginner-friendly plant, I can definitely see that one in my house too. I love house plants personally. These are some fun options! These spiky plants are gorgeous. I love reading your articles because I love plants but know so little about them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I'm passionate about gardening and horticulture and I love growing just about everything including herbs, vegetables, flowers, succulents and indoor plants.

I've been gardening most of my life and I created this blog to inspire beginner gardeners to create their own urban garden.

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15 of the best trailing house plants

Yes, seems we can even kill a cactus, ha! This oh-so-pretty succulent gets its name from its pearl-like strands that can become large and round like marbles. The trick to keeping this beauty alive is to pot it in soil that drains well, such as cactus soil that has a sandy consistency, and to keep it out of direct sunlight. String of pearls likes to dry out completely in between waters so be sure not to overwater it! This attractive, durable and easy-to-grow vine plant loves bright, indirect sunlight and can withstand high temperatures.

Something that looks like spiky hairs are growing out of my indoor plant. (link to pic inside) For the last year or so I've wondered what it.

2,491 Spiky Houseplant Premium High Res Photos

Have you ever heard about spiky plants? If not, then you are on the right page. It has a height of about three feet indoors and looks like a bushy tree. These are the things that make these spiky plants different from other ordinary plants. These plants are edgy or architectural and are used to enhance the beauty of the garden. It has sharp-tipped leaves, with colorful margins of pink and white color. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about spiky plants. If you are interested in keeping one, then you should keep reading. Spiky plants require less amount of care as compared to the other plants. However, taking proper care of these plants is important.

Common Houseplants: 19 Indoor Plants You Can Buy Online

Following the resurgence of maximalism a few years ago, you might have noticed more muted interior trends edging their way onto the scene. In recent months we've seen an influx of rattan, pale woods and neutral tones making their way back onto our Instagram feeds , turning our homes into super-chilled, serene spaces that Kim Kardashian would be proud of. But even the most minimally decorated room needs a bit of interest and, in our humble opinion, house plants are the best way to add some colour and texture without going OTT. For the bathroom? We suggest a big bouffant fern on the windowsill, while a large palm or fiddle leaf fig in the corner of the lounge will add some pizzazz to otherwise bare corners.

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7 Beautiful Spiky Houseplants

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How to care for cacti and succulents

Delivered between 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday. Return for free to your local store. Add colour and character to your home with our artificial plants and flowers range at Matalan. Perfect for the not so green-fingered, our fake plants will keep your space looking fresh and delightful season after season with no upkeep required. Choose from vibrant blossom stems as well as dainty succulents in novelty planters for the perfect gift for someone special. Infuse instant charm into any room of the house with fuss-free artificial hanging planters and flowers in ceramic vases. Browse the complete range today to discover artificial plants ideal for indoor and outdoor use. View Bag Saved.

Are you getting into the whole air plant thing? I have a teeny tiny air plant (a.k.a. Tillandsia) that swings like an acrobat on a small.

All House Plants

Over the last year, our homes have played a pivotal part in our lives, transforming into spaces where we not only rest our weary heads but also work, play, exercise and even educate our children. From investing in WFH essentials to giving our walls a fresh lick of paint, spending more time indoors has forced many of us to reevaluate our living spaces. Besides looking really cool and giving gardenless dwellers a chance to flex their green thumbs, there are many reasons to adopt house plants. Some simply provide interest, others have the ability to purify the air and absorb pollutants, and can even help boost your mood and improve anxiety.

Close up abstract of spiky leaves of a green succulent indoor plant

Consumer helplineCacti and succulents are now a very common houseplant and caring for your cacti and succulents is important. They come in a vast range of shapes and sizes from the petite to the grand. Cacti and succulents fall into the same group because they both have characteristics meaning they can survive in arid environments. The native habitat for most cacti and succulents is a desert.

Air plants are adorable — more like pets than plants. As the name implies, air plants absorb nutrients and water from the air through scales on their leaves.

Smart Garden Spiky Sisal Indoor Faux Houseplant 62cm

Gone are the days when a slightly browning spider plant was the greatest outdoorsy touch to a home. Gone are the days when factors like dry, dim or overly humid rooms or even being short on square footage might have stopped you from pursuing your plant parenting calling. Now there are lots of unusual and interesting indoor house plants available to the average buyer. The Monstera Deliciosa plant with its thick Swiss cheese-like leaves is one of the most popular houseplant having their moment right now you may have seen it all over Pinterest. It is a tropical plant that likes a warm, humid climate away from direct sunlight.

Categories of Indoor Plants

Did you know houseplants can communicate? Thankfully, plants communicate with us all the time. No one likes stress, not even plants.