Indoor hanging flowers

Indoor hanging flowers

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The 10 best hanging plants for creating an indoor jungle

I can remember both my grandmothers having extensive plant collections that required a lot of watering and care. Well, how times have changed. Houseplants are the all rage again, and people are clamoring to bring a bit of the green inside.

In the past few years, I have become enamored with gardening both inside and out. Who knew? My first favorite is the low light champion Pothos Pearls and Jade plant. Pothos is a popular hardy indoor plant that will grow and vine everywhere if you let them. The Photos Pearls and Jade has a beautiful leaf in shades of green and stripes of cream. Pearls and Jade put out long cascading vines making it a perfect plant for a hanging basket.

This plant does need a tiny bit of light. Just snip off a inch vine and take off the lower leaves. Oh, and pothos plants are one of the BEST air cleaners. They remove xylene, benzene, and carbon monoxide from the air. They also remove formaldehyde, which makes it a perfect plant to put in a freshly painted room. There is one caution — this plant is toxic if ingested. It is not recommended for pet owners, especially if your little furry friends like to munch on plant leaves.

The Mira Lipstick plant is a lovely flowering indoor hanging plant with thick leaves and unique bright red flowers that are ideal for hanging baskets. This tropical houseplant is beautiful when fully bloomed.

Although it will tolerate lower light levels, it will not bloom without adequate sunshine. So make sure you pick a bright spot for your lipstick plant. The more light you provide, the more blooms you will have. The Maidenhair Vine with its small leaves and trailing habit makes an excellent choice for hanging baskets. This indoor plant is full and lush with tiny dark leaves and is an impressive-looking houseplant. Fully grown these plants look spectacular.

To keep your maidenhair vine happy, keep it near a bright window. This is the indoor plant you want to hang in front of your windowsill. With less light, your maidenhair vine will grow slower, but it will not die on you. Water your maidenhair vine when the top inch of soil begins to dry out. The maidenhair vine is not a hungry indoor plant, and you do not have to fertilize it often.

Fertilizing once a month during growing season is adequate to keep your plant healthy and happy. To propagate, take a cutting with at least three leaves. This indoor hanging plant is not toxic to humans or animals but is inedible.

These three recommended houseplants are easy to care for, are not fussy, and can get by with a bit of neglect. I plan on letting them grow long and gnarly — I bet my grandmothers would be proud. I will propagate them too when they get a little bigger and make even more indoor plants. Hi Diane, these are fairly popular house plants, and you should be able to find them at your local greenhouse.

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Trailing & hanging plants

They stay well out of reach of little ones and pets, while adding height and dimension to the space. But which plants to choose? For a low light setting, like a corner in your kitchen or living room, you need plants that are foolproof and that hang beautifully. This chart-topper is popular for a reason: the heartleaf philodendron requires little watering and is incredibly hearty.

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The 17 Best Indoor Hanging Plants to Elevate Your Space

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Trailing plants and hanging plants are a beautiful way to introduce colour and plant life to even the tiniest of spaces, inside and out. Trailing and hanging plants in hanging baskets can also free up precious floor space and add depth to your home and garden. From big, bold and flowery to subtle and delicate, dress up your balcony, patio or any room in your home with our great range of trailing and indoor hanging plants. Trailing plants and hanging plants are a beautiful way to introduce colour and plant life to every space, even tiny ones, indoors and outdoors. Trailing and hanging plants in hanging baskets can add greenery to balconies, courtyards and rooms without taking up precious floor space, and they add visual depth to your home and garden. Our range of trailing and indoor hanging plants includes everything from bold statement pieces to subtle touches of green.

21 Indoor Hanging Planters for Your Houseplants

Indoor hanging plants with dangling stems are excellent for creating vertical greenery in your home. Trailing houseplants, vines, and indoor climbing plants sit well on shelves, windowsills, or suspended from the ceiling. Many types of hanging house plants grow well in low-light conditions as long as they get high humidity and regular watering. Whether you want to grow hanging plants in the shade or a sunny spot, there is a perfect draping plant for you.

A longtime bohemian standard during the s, hanging houseplants have returned in a big way as demand for plants has skyrocketed in the pandemic and Instagram influencers create indoor jungles. Plant parents love to dote on their houseplants, especially now that everyone is hunkering down at home, but are all indoor plants well suited to hanging?

Indoor Hanging Plants

When you've exhausted all of your lower-level plant placement options, the only way to go is up. And from trailing pothos to fluffy ferns, indoor hanging plants can imbue any indoor space with tranquil forest or chic hotel vibes. Bonus: Hanging plants draw your eyes upwards, which can make your ceilings appear taller. And while, technically, almost any plant can be a hanging plant if you hang it and if it just believes Just remember, when hanging your plants, be sure to get the proper mounting hardware for the weight of your plant and to follow the installation instructions.

20 Best Indoor Hanging Plants

Also known as common ivy, English ivy Hedera helix is grown for its lush, glossy foliage both indoors and out in the garden. It's one of the best indoor plants for low light but it will grow more full in brighter light. It comes in a number of varieties that offer different leaf shapes and colors. This small houseplant gets its name from the tiny round leaves that line its delicate, trailing stems. This low-maintenance and drought-tolerant houseplant is often confined to tabletop planters , but it truly shines when its ropelike stems can dangle from a hanging pot. Gracefully arching, narrow leaves earned spider plant Chlorophytum comosum its name.

From trailing pothos to fluffy ferns, indoor hanging plants can introduce so much beauty to your space. Shop 11 options here.

Our top 10 indoor hanging plants that are hard to kill

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Hanging Plants & Flowers

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Looking for the best indoor hanging plants for your home? Hanging plants are an amazing and easy way to bring life to your home while also making it look great. Here are some of my favorite trailing indoor plants. Today I am finally getting around to rounding up all of my care posts for some of my favorite gorgeous trailing plants. Finding the best indoor hanging plants for your home is a great way to help purify your air and make your rooms look gorgeous while also keeping your plants up and off the floor.

Are you looking for an easy way to decorate a dull and boring home? One of the best ways to turn your house into a welcoming home is by bringing the outdoors inside.

Hanging & Trailing Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add depth, colour and style to any room in your home. Run out of floor space thanks to your ever-growing indoor plant collection? Whether this is you or not, hanging your plants is not only a great way to save space but also an easy way to create an eye-catching display and add depth, colour and serenity to a room. Boston ferns are made to be hung and, thanks to their generous proportions, are perfect for creating a lush botanical display. This hearty creeper thrives indoors with little light and little water and can withstand varying temperatures so you can pretty much put them anywhere!

18 Indoor Hanging Plants That'll Instantly Bring Life to Any Room

As in, get me to the nearest garden center immediately. When you have plants in your space , the touches of color and texture are visually appealing and add dimension to any room. Plus, taking care of these lil green babes can provide a sense of purpose.