Solo landscape

Solo landscape

His solo show opens with a reception at 4 p. Photographer Jim Westphalen's solo show "Vanish" opens with a reception at 4 p. For photographer Jim …. For photographer Jim Westphalen, whose landscapes will be exhibited in "Vanish," a solo show opening Feb. It also came in a chance visit to Tilting at Windmills Gallery on Depot Street more than 20 years ago. That's when Westphalen encountered the paintings of artist Hale Johnson — and understood how he wanted to present the rapidly disappearing, abandoned landscape of barns, homes and other buildings in rural towns.

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The Tree Calendar. Telegraph on Harakka Island,From the Mainland. Telegraph on Harakka IslandBody on the Rocks. Trees in Victoria. Telegraph on Harakka Island 3. Muu Gallery, Helsinki 7. Cami de Cavalls. Telegraph of HarakkaYear of the Snake Swinging. Muu gallery 3. Year of the Dragon. Gallery HuutoYear of the Rabbit.

Gallery Jangva 9. The Steaming Earth. Muu galleryYear of the Tiger. Gallery JangvaThe Sand Glass — Time Images. Ammunition cellar, Harakka IslandSal — Salt basins on Cape Verde. Finnish Estonian Institute, Tarto 6. Year of the Ox. With or without a human, video works. Ammunition cellar, Harakka Island 4. Videos and still pictures.

Galleria KatariinaYear of the Pig. Telegraph of Harakka 4. Year of the Rooster. Tomtebo — Year of the Monkey on Harakka. Travelling Crystal Ball — souvenirs, landscapes, videos.

Year of the Horse on Harakka — video diary and performance documentation. Telegraph of Harakka 3. Murmuring Valley — sound installation, souvenir and performance documentation. Beach Pebble — video installation. Like this: Like Loading Follow Following. Performing Landscape Join 52 other followers. Sign me up.

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Solo exhibitions

Transposable elements TEs are nearly ubiquitous among eukaryotic genomes, but TE contents vary dramatically among phylogenetic lineages. In particular, recombination can have a significant and directional effect on the genomic TE landscape. We used published linkage maps and whole genome assemblies to study the relationship between recombination rates and LTR-removal events in the chicken and zebra finch. We hypothesized that regions with low recombination rates would harbor more full-length LTR-RTs and fewer solo LTRs than regions with high recombination rates. We tested this hypothesis by comparing the ratio of full-length LTR-RTs and solo LTRs across chromosomes, across non-overlapping megabase windows, and across physical features i. The chicken data statistically supported the hypothesis that recombination rates are inversely correlated with the ratio of full-length to solo LTRs at both the chromosome level and in 1-Mb non-overlapping windows. We also found that the ratio of full-length to solo LTRs near chicken telomeres was significantly lower than those ratios near centromeres.

On the occasion of Iceland's presentation as a guest of honor at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair, the Schirn Kunsthalle will dedicate a solo exhibition to.

Chicago, Glencoe District

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This image may be available to license for exclusive use. Please contact us for pricing. This image may be licensed for exclusive use. Please provide a brief description of your project and we'll get back to you shortly.

By Geoff Ivnik Director of Marketing Data analytics has been a rising catchphrase across industries from professional baseball to managed healthcare for a decade or two. After a series of fits and

Solo Landscape

From trance rituals in the suburbs of Hanoi to shamanist ceremonies in the heart of the Amazon, from experimental noise music in Singapore to sufi rituals in Chechnya, a sonic research on sacred and healing music. Streaming and Download help. Report this track or account. Inspired by climate change, Sanger's album of ambient electronic beeps and synths was created to sound like music from another planet. Next Of Kin by Klaus Schulze. Showing Up by Victor Haskins.

Solo landscape

The all-purpose modular kit based on the design of the Vera range consists of straight and curved modules and enables the creation of long and attractive units in lines or circles. The legs are located in the axis of the bench, which simplifies the silhouette, facilitates access from both sides and helps with cleaning of the space under the bench. The seats can also be wall-mounted, which expands the possibilities of the range. The range also includes accessory elements such as backrests and armrests, which underline the power of the Vera Solo design. Small proportions, laid-back, timeless design and scalability, predestine the Vera Solo design series for use in the broadest range of projects. Galvanized steel structure treated with powder coating. Seat and backrest made of wooden boards or slats; or with steel or stainless steel rounds. Available with armrests.

Essential Nature: Finding the Sacred in Daily Life is a solo exhibit of abstract + contemporary Colorado landscape oil paintings in a virtual gallery.

A Distant Landscape

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The Tree Calendar. Telegraph on Harakka Island,From the Mainland. Telegraph on Harakka Island

Ink artist Liu Gang hails from Shandong province whose distinctive landscape in North China has deeply influenced him, especially the scenery of Huangshan Mountain, which has shaped his vision of natural beauty and energy.

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