Landscape designer in chinese

Landscape designer in chinese

Landscape designer in chinese conjoined twins

Nature the one thing that never changes, well ok, maybe that doesn't even happen. But I have found that to be true when I'm designing landscaping. My Chinese conjoined twin will be having her third surgery soon to become separate. The last time I looked at a landscape design, this is what I came up with. This is her land, I had been on it a few times before, but it seemed pretty good to me.

My first love is rocks. I've been designing my own rock garden for many years. I'm also very happy that I'm getting more use out of the rocks that I buy. Maybe not as much as I would like to use, but at least a lot. Not so many people realize that there are a lot of benefits to using the ground around the house or even the back yard to make a natural rock garden.

This is by no means a finished design, I plan on coming up with something more realistic, maybe even by a professional landscape designer and builder. But, I found these images on line. When you walk around my twin's land you'll see some of the rocks are darker than the others.

So, I hope to get this designed and I'll post more pictures. We'll see if I can stick with it. But, I'll say this, I think it will be pretty close to this design. Of course, there is more than one way to skin a cat. I just wish there were more cat around, they make it a whole lot easier.

My sister wrote back to say that she and her brother are enjoying their new land. They have a tree that will be 50 years old before the trees in the States. That is pretty cool to see that tree of hers.

Before they started the process of moving to their new place, my sister wanted to get rid of some junk that she couldn't take with them, so I got her a great price on a storage unit. They are in a fairly well secured facility.

In about a week or two they will have to cut the grass. It's going to be fun for them to start that process. My brother-in-law has been cutting grass since he started dating my sister about 30 years ago. They really can't wait to get rid of that grass and start over.

Next week we are going to start to plant their shrubs and flowers. It's time to start planning the plants for the season. I really can't wait to plant some things.

The other thing that I like about this design is that it's pretty different from any other landscaping I've seen in the area. You would almost never find this in the Valley, you would find it in the mountains, or desert, but you would never find it in the city.

In the year's time, we may be going back to that neighborhood in some capacity, but I can't say if it will be to do this. It would have to be up to my sister and brother.

Here are some pictures of her land that I took with my phone. The pictures were very fuzzy.

It all looks so good. I'm glad she likes it. I think if you lived in that area of the country that you would really appreciate that kind of thing.

We're in the middle of a four year renovation. We just started and there's a lot to do. So, life has been pretty hectic, but, it's going to get better.

We have to get our solar panels up and working. They are really a big part of what we are planning on doing with this project. But, I really want to get going on my rock