Plants vs zombies straitjacket zombies in garden warfare

Plants vs zombies straitjacket zombies in garden warfare

Plants vs zombies straitjacket zombies in garden warfare The first they spot is a young woman screaming. 'Help, I'm caught, help, they're going to eat me' Man thumped by pole, strangled at a clinic near Nice, beaten by police en route to prison A prisoner is murdered during an apparent gang beating at a clinic near Nice in the south of France on Wednesday July 11 2011. Carried away: A severely injured man is carried from the scene as he lies dying at the Clinique Azur near the Nice Port on July 11 2011. The man was attacked by two youths armed with machetes. The arrested youths suspected of murder will be put before a judge later. Elaborate funeral scene: A woman dressed in black enters the funeral of four people including a child. She is thought to be one of the people killed in the attack. The dead: Christophe Diot is carrying a child victim of the attack, named as Nathalie and his daughter Josette while his wife Hedi sits a further distance away in the bottom left, alongside his sister Hedi. Nathalie was one of two teenagers gunned down during a brutal machetes attack in which a woman was killed and another died from her injuries on July 11 2011. FRAGMENTS: The man who is said to have been strangled at the clinic where a woman was also beaten to death had police officers strangle him, a court heard. The two youths suspected of murder have been arrested and will be put before a judge later. Credit:AFP One man was taken into custody as police continued to investigate the incident, the Nice prosecutor's office said. Two police officers suffered slight injuries during the melee. No further details about the incident were released.

Gang attack: two suspects held 'I can confirm that the two men arrested were the armed men,' a senior police official said. 'One of the two men who were apprehended in custody was armed. The second is a minor and was a victim of the assault. In my experience, there is no way of taking an unassisted person down if they are resisting,' he added. THE dead victim, aged 18, is believed to have been struck by at least one attacker wielding a machete, while the second attacker is believed to have been armed with a rifle or a handgun. The two men then fled after the attack in the early hours of Wednesday morning, the prosecutor said. The dead woman, whose identity was not released, is believed to have been shot in the head with a rifle.

Victim feared dead The attack occurred shortly after 2am on Wednesday at the Clinique Azur medical centre in the north of the French city. Man beaten at clinic The two victims were taken to hospital, where the first victim died while being treated for serious head wounds. A girl whose head was injured during the attack was being treated for shock at a nearby hospital. Another of the dead woman's friends said she was known by the nickname 'Bonjour' and described her as a quiet girl who was studying for her A levels. The dead woman was believed to be in her late teens. A source close to the investigation said the suspects belonged to a "strict, organised and local group". She said the attack was an attempt to make trouble "at the heart of the city, in front of everyone". Police officers stand guard on the outskirts of the northern city of Nice. Credit:AP Protesters have held up buses and traffic in the centre of the city and demonstrators have been carrying banners against racism. The death of the young woman sparked a flurry of protests across the city.

Police officers are in control at the site of a machete attack. Photo: AP Some national news stations showed images of an injured young man in handcuffs being carried away by police as another officer strikes a man lying on the ground. France Info said one of the attackers was a Nigerian man, while the other was also from that country. The two are currently being held by police. Another security source told the AFP news agency: "One of them, who I think is the more dangerous of the two, is Nigerian and the other is Algerian. One of them is much younger than the other. They arrived in Nice by bus. "They weren't stopped at the port because one of them had an Algerian identity card with him."

No foreign intervention in the investigation was being sought. The terror alert in Nice has

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